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At Metropolitan Wellness my mission is to help others to create and maintain high levels of health, vitality and wealth which often includes focused attention to one’s current and past imbalances. 

The Villa: Holistic Health and Wellness Retreat
Let's Create A Better World - 07.12.18

We continually talk about avoiding diseases and living longer and healthier. Luanne speaks about a plant-based diet, various forms of exercise, and the power of a happy positive mind. Host Bobby Elias and our staff continually bring up the best of those three items. Luanne speaks about many many items such as Chinese medicine, organic foods, juicing, yoga, meditation, relaxing, legumes, nuts, seaweed, green vegetables, quinoa, avocados, walnuts, oils, and nature.

Luanne Pennesi Juicing on "Long Island Naturally" News 12 with Mary Mucci
Published Dec 9, 2015 -- How to make green juices that taste great! Stabilize your blood sugar and repair damaged cells in your body. Get nutrition the natural way with celery, cucumbers, parsley, lemons and apples.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention on Mood and Neurological Disorders
by Gary Null PhD, Luanne Pennesi RN MS, and Martin Feldman MD
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Ozone - The Next Therapy II
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The Wholistic Approach to Cancer
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Vaccine Skepticism Grows in US
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Areas of focus include:
  • Physiology/physical body
  • Mental/emotional body
  • Physical environment/personal hygiene
  • Spiritual self/bliss/peace of mind
  • Spectrum of energy around the body, auras and chakras
  • Constitution/genetic expressions
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What is Metropolitan Wellness?  Early in 2001 Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS created the most dynamic wellness center in New York City’s history, called Metropolitan Wellness Group which was in existence from 2001-2005. 

Luanne gathered the most sought after, well credentialed integrative health care practitioners in the Tri-State area.  With her guidance for helping the patients to integrate healthy lifestyle habits and her administrative savvy, hundreds of people got on the fast track to optimal health and wellness.

When the center was sold and moved to Long Island, Luanne was committed to giving the public access to these practitioners as well as other cutting edge holistic practitioners throughout the country, which she does through this web site today.  At the same time she pursues her passion for public speaking and individualizing health care protocols for people of all ages. 

Through www.metropolitanwellness.com people now have direct access to Luanne as well as her world class collection of practitioners. This site highlights but a few of them available to you. Working with Luanne you can cut through the tedious task of combing through the Internet for excellent practitioners of the medical and healing arts.  Please reach out to Luanne if you have any questions!  Her e-mail is whnn@aol.com and her home office number is 903-881-7008.

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