Insights from visiting the International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine

July 2008

The weekend of July 18-20, 2008 I had what I thought would be an opportunity to share my story with progressive thinkers at the 16th  Annual International Congress on Anti-Aging  Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies in Washington DC.  Mine was one of several testimonials based on the results of Gary Null’s recent Health Support Groups.

At the end of his speech, though, members of the audience had text messaged some questions for him to the moderator, most of which questioned his methods; for instance, one asked if he had DNA testing done to support his work and another suggesting that the few testimonials that were presented may be anecdotal and may not represent future results. 

Gary responded with a passionate plea to focus on the patient results instead of dictated methodology- for this is what the practice of medicine was founded on- before it became corporatized.  And he pissed off a good number of people in the audience- those who had invested an inordinate amount of time, money and energy into the details that supported their scientifically limited projects.  To be told that eating healthy, juicing, taking basic supplementation, exercising, meditating, cleaning their environment and manage stress could get the same results was taken as a direct threat to their very existence.

It was as if without the strenuous and aggressive scientific analysis and rhetoric that results could not occur by just changing one’s lifestyle. Or was it the fact that maybe, just maybe all of their latest anti-aging research was just an extension of the indoctrinated paradigm they were expected to adapt all of their ideas to?  In fact, as I walked around the exhibits I realized that most of the “information” shared was geared to have people invest money into an MLM company in order to feel extra energy or to subscribe to expensive high tech services to reverse aging or repair their telomeres.

It was Dr. Dean Edell who said “Many people don’t like the facts because they upset their beliefs”.

Gary simply suggested that changing one’s lifestyle could create the same results!  Or at the very least obtain even better results when technology is integrated.  But this is where I truly understood the meaning of the phrase,

“There are none so blind than those, who if they saw, would lose their prestige and income”

As I walked around the event I realized that what we had here was a collection of well intended people who were taught that truth can only be born with the use of specific tools within the structure they were taught, albeit in a somewhat fresher frontier of medicine.  So when a fact was presented to them- the fact that an 11 year old boy had reversed autism, 2 women reversed end stage Alzheimer’s and I reversed a host of chronic illnesses as well as menopause- it threatened their paradigm so much that they had to react to it with the only tools they know how to use- critique and doubt used to minimize the most obvious results.

It was as if there was an underlying fear of rejection by the powers that be if anyone dared to think outside of the box.  I sensed that the Anti Aging Congress was trying to adapt their progressive thinking to the systems and structure of the AMA and FDA corporations.  But one of the things I admire most about Gary Null and his work is the fact that he does not need to conform to anyone’s expectations of him.  He knows that being outstanding is just that- STANDING OUT which usually means NOT FITTING IN.  His work is not motivated by the need to be acknowledged or to serve a primitive motivation of greed.  It is motivated by pure, unconditional love for mankind and the planet and an unmitigated passion to reveal universal wisdom and throw reason and facts in the face of distorted principles and bold faced lies.

I learned more than I thought I would at this conference.  I learned that peoples’ need to be accepted, even at the cost of defying reason, ethics and morals is far more important than exploring new ideas and methods, and this conditioning is what has been keeping our public hypnotized to be good little consumers, subservient to the corporate rules of the game, no matter how toxic, expensive or unreasonable the outcomes are.

It reminds me of these “Hazings” that fraternities and sororities have- people expose themselves to despicable, inhumane treatment and perform perverse actions of humiliation just to be accepted into a community of people who will then recognize them as OK, as if the only place to get that feeling is from external sources, and never from within.

I know that there are many ways to respond to situations of stress or when being challenged.  Most people retreat to a survival mode- a submissive “CYA” or withdrawal from the pressure.  But what I learned is that courage, bravery and strength, or “standing in the heat” in support of truth and honor far outweighs the acceptance and support of the great majority.

And that is what we need more of as a population if we are to stand up to the corrupt institutions that now shape our lives.   They are finally starting to crumble from their own hubris.  Like Gary Null, I love people like Vincent Bugliosi who wrote a book titled The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.  That just tells it like it is, exposing this man for who he really is and what he has done to the people of this country and their families, not for what he wants the paying public to believe.  Bugliosi and many others like Gary Null are getting out there and just plain putting the truth out there without bowing to anyone.  If enough of us develop an inner sense of self confidence and assurance coupled with razor sharp focus of attention and immutable passion for truth and integrity, I believe we could stand up to the current systems that are failing us and be pioneers of what is universally right and  simply more reasonable.

It was Hellen Keller who said, “One cannot consent to creep when one has an impulse to soar”.  I would like to suggest that none of us need to consent to creep.  We all need to start soaring now if there is to be real change in the air.

 I am thankful to have had the opportunity to share my story with so many.  I am one of many who walk their talk and I support all who have the courage and sense to do the same.