Your Aging Brain A Basic Protocol

Optimum health starts with the understanding that health is a process. You are now the culmination of everything that you have ever done, been, eaten or been exposed to. This protocol is designed to be followed in order to lead you into a lifestyle that supports your optimum health.

Basic Protocol Foundation
There are known factors which sabotage our health. Chronic stressors create physiological inflammation which attacks cells weakening, or even killing them. Exposure to toxic chemicals and electromagnetic waves disrupt physiological processes, weaken or even kill normal cells.

Addictive habits unselfconsciously continuously poison cells. Lack of regular rigorous physical activity atrophies systems and ignores using the body’s own detoxification processes. Unhealthy attitudes and belief systems inhibit our ability to translate the protocol into self-actualization.

Identify Chronic Stressors
Chronic stressors must be identified and eliminated or mitigated. Life events that cause stress include death of a loved one, loss of job, relationship problems, accidents, natural disasters, and work issues. Chronic infections, like dental carries, herpes, yeast or sinus infections depress our immune function. Toxic metals, solvents, and gases degenerate brain cells and brain function.

Hormone imbalances inhibit proper glucose utilization, interfere with needed sleep, disrupt neurological processes, and accelerate aging. Acute or delayed allergies deplete our energy, overburdening systems and disable our immune response.


  1. More than 45 minutes of sun at middaycauses skin damage, a major causeof inflammation. Ditto for tanning bedtime.
  2. More exercise than necessary can cause musculo-skeletal damage, major inflammation, and weakens the immune system.
  3. Teflon and aluminum cookware leeches toxic particulates into the food. Use nonreactive stainless steel, Pyrex, cast iron, or ceramic cookware only. Close exposure to microwave ovens imparts radiation which should be avoided.
  4. Everything applied to the skin gets absorbed. Apply only organic cosmetics and skin care products to the skin. Nail polish and remover also introduce toxins which should be avoided.
  5. Charred meat is highly toxic to the body. Avoid grilling food. Conventional produce has harmful pesticides and fungicides and has diminished energy and nutritional content. Eat organic.
  6. Every synthetic fabric you wear or that you decorate with leeches chemicals into the air and pollutes your environment. Every synthetic chemical used in cleaning products, wall paints, furniture polish, or room scent leeches chemicals into the air and pollutes your environment. Buy silk, linen, hemp, and organic cotton clothes and home furnishings and natural cleaning products. Drink and shower with well filtered water. Regularly run a high quality air purifier.

Unhealthy Habits
Smoking, drinking alcohol, and consuming caffeine continuously poison cells and greatly interfere with optimum neurological functioning. Regularly consuming simple sugar from sucrose or table sugar challenges the immune system, depletes B vitamins, promotes inflammation and adds to irritability, anxiety,
depression, fatigue, lack of concentration and headaches. Cooking with unhealthy fats like trans-fats add amyloid plaque which clogs the circulatory system vessels and promotes inflammation. Incomplete nutrition causes deficiencies of brain’s needs for B6, B12, folate, vitamin E, vitamin C, and zinc

Unhealthy Attitudes
Indifference zaps your vitality and potential. Get worked up about something. Chronic indecision is mental paralysis. Always doubting exposes a chronically negative subconscious mind. Trust more. Worry is wasted energy and causes heart disease and other chronic illness. Being overly cautious blinds you to the
opportunity in every risk. Pessimism sets you up for failure. Complaining and gossiping show that you are insecure and mentally stagnant.
Successful people have focus and determination. They promote solutions. They have more time and can make realistic commitments. They learn from mistakes.

Testing for Toxicity
The accumulated damage done by habits, attitudes, stressors illnesses, and environmental pollution reside in you today. A holistic practitioner can partner with you to uncover and then undue the damage.

In order to discover your own toxic burden, he may have you tested - Heavy metals test via DMSA provoked urine test, Food allergy panel (blood test), Viral panel (bloodtest), Lipid and thyroid panel, Hormone testing for DHEA, cortisol, male and female hormones via saliva testing, a metabolic profile, and CBC with differential.

Developing a Healthy Brain
Challenge your brain by learning a language or new skill. Exercise aerobically 60 minutes a day. Meditate for mental calmness. Find meaningfulness in all you do, ascertain your destiny, contemplate your legacy, maintain a positive outlook. Eat properly. Eat organic. Include antioxidant rich foods like red fruits, berries, kale, garlic, grapes, prunes, raisins, and raw spinach. Consume 50 to 70 grams of protein daily from deep water fish like salmon, cod, tuna, sardines, mackerel; eat seaweeds and single cell algaes, whole grains, nuts, tubers, beans, seeds, fruits and vegetables, soy products, yams, squashes, cruciferous veggies and protein shakes. Consume healthy fats from nuts, seeds, fish, avocado, olive, coconut and flax oils. Keep drinking water, teas, veggie juices, protein shakes, broths and soup.

Daily Supplements
Vitamin C 2 to 10 Grams
Vitamin E 400 IU alpha tocopheral,
200MG gamma tocopheral,
65 MG tocotrienols
Selenium—200 MCG
Acelyl L-Carnitine 2 Grams split dose
Alpha Lipoic Acid 300MG
Carnosine 1 Gram
Co Q10 100 to 300 MG
DHEA 25-50 MG

DMAE-100MG a powerful brain stimulant from sardines, raises acetyl choline
GPC—600MG with 1 Gram Lecithin; glycerylphosphorylcholine protects brain tissue, lowers blood pressure and improves cognition
Hydergine - a drug used to forestall dementia enhances the brain’s use of oxygen to protect it from aging. Excellent for enhancing memory, boosting intelligence, learning and recall.
Phosphatidyl choline– 5 to 10 MG transfers information between cells
Phosphatidyl serine—300MG boosts metabolism and aids in cellular metabolism, slows or reverses declining memory, and reduces cortisolPregnenolone– 30-50MG an adrenal hormone responsible for transmitting information between cells
Proanthocyanidins—80MG antioxidants from grape seed extract or pine bark extract that are superior antioxidants and protectors of collagen. They protect the blood-brain barrier.
TMG - 200 –300 MG taken with B6 and folic acid Trimethyl glycine facilitates youthful methylation, which creates SAMe ( S – adenosylmethionine) and improves depression and Parkinsons and has powerful anti-aging properties
Vinpocetine– 10MG twice daily Extracted from the periwinkle plant protects the brain from age related decrease of circulation in the brain which manifests in disorientation and memory decline

Creating Balance in Life by Understanding the Various Levels of Love
Love is a behavior and an intention, not a feeling or a goal to pursue. Health and longevity are based on creating balance between these.


  • Involvement in local community issues and human rights issues
  • Involvement related to local and global environmental issues
  • Involvement in animal rights and protection
  • Involvement in health related issues


  • Relationships that focus on individual needs
  • Relationships that reflect individual wants/desires
  • Relationships with our immediate family
  • Relationships with friends
  • Relationships with coworkers
  • Relationships with extended family
  • Relationships with neighbors and other acquaintances


  • Conscious awareness and lifetime nurturance/development of one’s greatness, natural skills and abilities
  • Attention to physical self, physiology, physique, hygiene, presentation
  • Expansion of awareness of the emotional self, how it serves us and how it can deteriorate or detract from one’s focus on life’s meaning, purpose and pleasure
  • Habits and rituals that support environmental hygiene in the home, transportation venues, work place, and other frequented locations
  • Connectedness to the inner self through meditation, contemplation and study
  • Creation of balance on all levels

Healthy Behavior Modification Techniques


Unclutter your physical environment. Give it away, throw it away or use it. Keep nostalgic personal items securely stored.


  • List all the people that screwed you up.
  • Write a letter to each one of them outlining what they did to you and how it affected you. At the end of the letter forgive them (i.e., “and you were given a
    lousy set of tools to deal with your pain and conflict. You did the best you could with them, and I forgive you.”)
  • Write a letter to yourself outlining what you’ve done to hurt yourself (selfdestructive things) and anything you may have done to others. Then forgive yourself (“X was given a limited number of tools to manage my pain and conflict. I did the best I could with what I was given. And I forgive you”)
  • Then burn all the letters (or destroy them)


Affirmations are positive, personal statements about you in the present tense. When anyone asks how you are say, “I’m Fabulous” and act as if you really mean it. You are describing your spirit. First, understand that this is an opportunity to express to the world the gratitude that you have for your life through your spirit self. You need not respond to the question literally, for you will tend to focus on the negative ego’s feelings about current life challenges. Secondly, if people respond to your greatness with a qualifying question (“what makes you so great?”), you can tell them, (“I woke up above ground.. .it’s a great day!”).

Level one:
I’m fabulous” or “I’m excellent” (You’ll get a strange look of disbelief)
Level two:
“I’m blessed and highly favored today” (They will feel a strange twinge of nausea people can’t stomach others doing well or better than them…)
Level three:
“Today I am a living magnet for miracles”(They may puke on their shoes at this point. Be prepared)
Level four:
“I am a magnificent expression of all that is” (They will most likely never ask you that question again) Make a tape of yourself reading positive affirmations, with your favorite music between sets.

Make a collage of your ideal life, including your ideal body. Look in the mirror every morning and say (or think) “I Love You”. Consider Neurolinguistic healing or medical hypnotherapy. Set healthy boundaries. Keep a success journal. Record challenges you overcame, disciplines you develop, positive events and people in your life, as well as great ideas and goals you have. What do you want to do before you die? What have you always wanted to do but were afraid to try?
Write the answers to these and the fears that prevent you from doing them, then make a plan and set time frames and get started.

Activism: Keeping Our Health Rights
ACTIVISM is needed right now.
There are many ways to become active in our current events. Here are a few ways to get

  1. The Alliance for Natural Health (www. is very informative and helps you to make your voice heard
  2. For issues regarding vaccines, go to www. and www.mykidsmychoice. com. A NYC number to call is 212-473-8201.
  3. Codex Alimentarius from The Codex Alimentarius Commission, created in 1963 by the UN Food and Agricultural and World Health Organizations, creates international guidelines for food products, including dietary supplements, that are internationally traded. These guidelines make up the Codex A1inentarius, or food code for, international trade.

The 28th Meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Rome, July 4th to 9th, 2005, ratified vitamin and mineral supplement standards more restrictive that the US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). The restrictive Codex guidelines, while not limiting United States consumers’ access
to supplements immediately, could lead to worldwide restrictive supplement standards. DSHEA is a more appropriate international standard.
The Codex guidelines, developed over eight years by the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU), treat nutrients as toxic
chemicals, calling on the FAO/WHO Nutrient Risk Assessment Project to set upper consumption limits. If the Commission adds the restrictive vitamin and mineral standards to the Codex Alimentarius, it is likely to become the model relied on when Codex, WHO, FAO, the European Food Safety Authority, the FAO/ WHO Nutrient Risk Assessment Project and/or any other international standards setting body creates international standards for other dietary supplements such as herbs.

Activism: Keeping Our Health Rights
Consumers believe world-wide health is undermined by the limits to nutrients recommended by Codex guidelines that will likely be used by many countries.
Codex vitamin and mineral guidelines, themselves, will not change U.S Laws but will create political pressure to change US. law.

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