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Vaccine Skepticism Grows in US  
AOL News
October 2, 2009
As the United States awaits the arrival of the H1N1 vaccine next week, growing skepticism over the overall safety and importance of vaccinations of all types is worrying health officials. A combination of factors has led a statistically significant number of people to forgo vaccination for their children, resulting in a return of the very diseases the vaccines had helped eliminate.Read More...

Does Your Body Need Probiotics?  
Fox News
Wednesday, August 08, 2007
By Kyle Ellen Nuse
Recently, 57-year-old, Anne Turner started researching gentle ways to treat her irritable bowl syndrome and chronic digestive issues.
"I was not getting any relief with conventional methods, so I went to my local natural food store and asked the nutritionist if she had any recommendations for my specific conditions," she said. Read More...

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart
Fox News
Tuesday, September 04, 2007,
By Kyle Ellen Nuse
Judy Tomlinson's story is all too common. At 36, she was working long hours at a stressful job, eating a high-fat and meat-based diet and made no time for regular exercise. Little did she know that her blood pressure and cholesterol had creeped up to dangerously high levels, and these so-called silent killers would be the catalyst of her near fatal heart attack. Read More...

"Where Will All the Nurses Go?"
By Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS
Feature Article  from Revolution Magazine - Winter 1997
As the HMO's, the AMA and the FDA continue to put a band-aid on an already self perpetuating , illness focused "health care system", they look at who (besides physicians and pharmacists) can they eliminate from the system that is costing them too much.  The answer?  Those people who probably taught the doctors how to actualize their knowledge in the clinical setting:  the Registered Nurses of the community.  And what can we replace them with?  Well, the medical orthodoxy has historically treated the RN's within our institutions as subordinates. Read More...

Experiencing High Dose Vitamin C: How it afects the Person Physically, Intellectually and Emotionally
(A Personal Account) By Luanne Pennesi, RN, BSN
Published in CREATIONS Magazine, Spring 1995  

After spending almost 19 years in traditional medicine in a major Medical Center in New York, I decided to leave the "not so hidden agendas" of adult medicine as we know it in the inpatient setting and embark on a full time career in wholistic nursing. Read More...

The invaluable benefits of CONFUSION when learning Chinese Medicine
Article published in the New York College Newsletter
Spring 1998
M SO CONFUSED! WILLTHIS EVER MAKE SENSE? Ahh…the familiar cry of the student of Chinese Medicine at The New York College. Having been through the program myself as well as an instructor and self proclaimed expert in stress management (also being a nurse for over 20 years makes you an expert in stress automatically), I decided that I needed to pay attention to this amazing phenomenon of just getting this close to getting it…then falling back to the familiar confused mode. Read More...