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The Wholistic Approach to Cancer

Cancer cells require the following conditions in order to form and thrive:

  1. A suppressed immune system and weakened cell walls from free radical damage, holding onto negative emotions, environmental toxins, steroids, synthetic medications
  2. Suppressed adrenal glands (exhaustion, stress)
  3. An acid environment (from sugars, starches, processed foods, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol)
  4. High blood sugar
  5. Low body oxygen
  6. Stagnated liver energy (anger, resentment, toxicity from free radical damage, processed foods, synthetic medications, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes)
  7. Dampness and phlegm in the body (fried foods, eggs, dairy products, gluten, eating fruit early in the morning)
  8. Stagnant circulation (lack of exercise, overweight conditions)
  9. A specific electromagnetic potential at the cell’s membrane in order to metastasize
  10. Since cancer cells are actually your own cells with a reprogrammed DNA, the immune system does not know that they are feeding off of your nutrition and multiplying, eventually taking over each organ.

So to approach cancer from a wholistic point of view we must:

  1. Overcompensate for free radical damage with anti-oxidants and stop incoming free radicals.
      • Inflammation – Boswellia serrata at 500 mg three times per day relieves many types of inflammation i.e. arthritis. Fish oil and decreasing meat and milk products helps to decrease inflammation too. Don’t forget to eat more fish and vegetables to stay alkaline.
      • Sodium selenite – This is one form of the mineral Selenium which has remarkable anti-cancer and anti-viral properties. Take 500 mcg per day. Coconut, Brazil nuts, and organic garlic all have selenium. Garlic from China may contain cadmium and other heavy metals from the soil. Go Organic!
      • Silver Hydrosol – the product Argentyn 23 from Natural Immunogenics. Many people have a parasite infection component, or resistant bacteria and fungi. We eliminate them with products like Argentyn 23 which are immune-enhancing. Silver has been used for at least the past 2000 years to kill microbes outside the body (water purification) as well as inside the body. This internal microcidal activity supports and strengthens the immune system so it functions on a more efficient basis when dealing with a cancerous situation. Silver hydrosol is also reported to stimulate the body’s own natural production of stem cells. Another superb stem cell enhancer is blue green algae, particularly organic Aphanizomenon flos-aquae extract (PeaNrich from Allergy Research Group).
      • Flavonoids – These are phtyo(plant) nutrients that are powerful health promoting substances found in fruits and vegetables, and even recently found in hops to prevent cancers and increase cancer cell death. They are sometimes called bioflavonoids. Lemons (mentioned much earlier) are alkalinizing, and also block the harmful effects of oxygen radicals preventing cancer. Drink fresh organic lemon juice! Citrus fruits contain high levels of flavanoids.
      • Licorice root – This is a natural substitute for prescription interferon. Licorice root will increase interferon gamma. However, it does have a minor side effect: it will increase sodium and decrease potassium, thereby imbalancing electrolyte levels in the body. To combat this, make sure you eat foods high in potassium like bananas, grapefruits, and celery juice. Licorice root is a wonderful anti-viral. Not recommended for patients with kidney problems or on diuretics for high blood pressure.
      • Zinc – This super mineral, perhaps the third most important one for human consumption after calcium and magnesium, will increase the effectiveness of interferon treatment by a factor of ten times, making the interferon much more powerful.
      • Green tea extract – An excellent antioxidant and phytonutrient that will also keep chemotherapy in the cells. It is calming and has specific anti-cancer anti-angiogenesis factors that decrease metastases in cancer patients.
  2. stimulate the immune system with supplements and supportive diet, deal with stress and anger; also, supply the body with natural cancer killing substances Eliminate NO (Nitric Oxide) – NO slows the lymphocytes, depresses the immune system, and increases the viral load in the body. NO is increased in the body from eating red meat which is high in arginine. Cancer cells feed themselves with NO: this is a throwback to prehistoric times when NO was more abundant in the air than oxygen. (Oxygen kills cancer cells – more on Oxygen in next topic). Cancer cells are smart, and if you eat a large amount or daily, red meat (high in arginine), this will increase the NO levels and the cancer cells thrive. Two helpful supplements that will bind NO and act like sulfa drugs are Acetyl-Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Cysteine is very high in garlic.

  3. re-organize life to incorporate fun, rest, relaxation & meditation; re-assess perceptions of “stress” Stress – If you have it (who does not?), then the stress hormone cortisol is elevated. Cortisol can remain at high levels if it is continually secreted due to daily stress. One of the many harmful effects of elevated cortisol will be the eventual exhaustion of the adrenal glands which causes lethargy and low energy. The adrenals need vitamin C and zinc. Cortisol if left unchecked will imbalance the body’s delicate blood sugar metabolism and lead to insulin resistance, ulcers, decreased healing, and many other problems. An herb named rhodiola rosea is successfully used to lower endogenous cortisol levels in times of stress. The bottom line is to prevent stress, and deal with stress accordingly. This can be done with exercise, meditation, biofeedback, yoga, qi gong, prayer, being present, forgiveness, compassion, divine patience, and love, etc.

  4. create an alkaline environment with green juices, cabbage juices, fruits Alkalize – The reason certain cancer therapies i.e. Gerson, worked so well was because they emphasized foods (fresh organic vegetable juices) that would alkalize an ill person. Most disease is associated with an acidic condition. The idea is to shift the pH of a sick person from acid (below or less than a pH of 7.0) to an alkaline state which is a pH of 7.0 or higher. This is primarily done through frequent ingestion of alkaline forming foods like lemons and vegetables. Use fresh squeezed ORGANIC lemons daily as in fresh lemonade! (Apricot kernels are also alkalizing. So is carrot juice.). Purchase pH paper; measure the morning (and evening) urine pH midstream, work to maintain an alkaline pH of ~7.0, therefore eat and JUICE YOUR VEGGIES!!

  5. balance the blood sugar with foods, exercise and supplements
      • Corn – Yes, believe it or not, corn is a BIG problem. To start with, it is probably the most genetically modified food. However, eating fresh, locally grown ORGANIC corn on the cob is not the issue. The problem lies with corn products like high fructose corn syrup, or corn oils used for cooking/frying, or the toxic oils that are used as an ingredient in common snack products such as corn chips. Corn syrups and oils will increase tumor growth in the body. Corn syrup also alters our ability to recognize when we are full after a meal. The hormones that effect satiation are drastically altered by high fructose corn syrup in our foods and drinks. As if that were not enough, there is a direct relation to diabetes from corn syrup, which alters the insulin release and the insulin receptors over time in our bodies. The corn oil increases PUFA’s, poly unsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to tumor growth and to more prostaglandins that are associated with inflammatory diseases. Instead of corn oil, use organic, unrefined, 100% first cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. The best olive oils are from South America, Italy and Greece. The California oils can also be good if they are organic, first pressed (cold pressed) and mixed with international oils that are extracted in the same way. These olive oils are reportedly the healthiest version. In general, the Mediterranean Diet (garlic, hummus, olive oil, plenty of vegetables and fish) is not only health promoting, but anti- cancer and prevents cardiac disease. Dr.Flavin says she can buy a high quality olive oil at many stores, even discount stores may carry an overstock at a good price. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc are a few of the stores that carry this special olive oil. Organic extra virgin olive oil can also reverse breast tumor cell receptors that cause them to decrease in growth and their response to growth factors.
      • Bread – Loaves made from brominated flour are unhealthy. This also includes any bread like product i.e. crackers, pretzels, buns, rolls, white flour refined pastas. Bromine is in the same chemically reactive group as Chlorine and Fluorine (mentioned in Water above) and will displace the much needed ‘essential’ mineral Iodine. Iodine feeds the thyroid gland, a major endocrine organ which manufactures extremely important hormones. If you deprive the thyroid gland of Iodine, there will be serious health consequences!! Bromine in refined flour blocks Iodine from being used in the body, so therefore AVOID IT!! Take kelp and eat other nutritious sea vegetables to get organic minerals like Iodine. Read the labels and buy organic NON-brominated flour breads and all other flour products. Be a conscious and serious label detective.

  6. increase body’s oxygen with breath work, green juices, exercise and bio-oxidative therapies
    Oxygen – Cancer exists only in oxygen deprived tissues or anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions. The way to correct this situation is to exercise aerobically. So what’s stopping you from the most natural of cures? Get outside, go for a walk in the woods or at the beach, breathe fresh air, and let your skin make some vitamin D! And speaking of the sunshine and vitamin D, the average cancer patient is vitamin D deficient, therefore use the old fashioned cure of cod liver oil at 1 gm or 1 Tablespoon per day. Or just get some sunshine on your skin (without sunblock!) for 15 minutes a few times each week: the human body is readily capable of converting sunshine into healthy tissue levels of natural vitamin D which has anticancer properties. A nutrient that assists the body take up oxygen is Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3 (Niacin).

  7. move liver energy with oriental body work and massage, therapeutic approaches to releasing anger in a healthy way, changing the living environment, detoxification of the liver through nutrition and supplementation

  8. remove dampness and phlegm by avoiding foods that cause it and through green clay douches (if female) and with exercise

  9. exercise the body, both aerobically and with resistance exercise

  10. use of magnetic therapy

  11. Kill cancer cells naturally:
      • Apricot kernels – Often used in holistic cancer therapy. Apricot kernels are alkalinizing (mentioned earlier), kill viruses, and contain abscissic acid. Abscissic acid is a close relative to retinoic acid or Vitamin A which is immune enhancing and blocks an important growth enzyme in DNA synthesis in tumor cells, Ornithine decarboxylase
      • Beta-sitosterol - A naturally occurring plant substance that fights cancer. Olive oil has a high content of it. Beta-sitosterol down regulates HER2 receptors in breast cells and decreases cancer growth as well as prevention of breast cancers.
      • Germanium is an oxygen generating substance found in many healing mushrooms. A famous healing mushroom from Japan and China, Shelf mushrooms have high levels of germanium.
      • Indoles from cruciferous vegetables stimulate “apoptosis” or self destruction of cancer cells. Cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower

OXYGENATE: herbs, foods, supplements, juices, breath work, exercise

ALKALIZE: with green juices and alkalizing foods

MOVE ENERGY: with oriental bodywork, massage, healing touch, T’ai Chi, Qi gong, Yoga, exercise

MAGNETIZE: with magnetic therapies STABILIZE BLOOD SUGAR: with supplements, diet, exercise

DETOXIFY: emotions (stress management, release therapies), environment (personal hygiene and living/working spaces), physiology (supplements, diet, elimination, coffee enemas)

REBALANCE INTESTINES/DIGESTION: with supplements, stress management, diet

STOP CANCER CELL PROLIFERATION: with preparations and botanicals/supplements

STIMULATE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: with specific natural preparations

REDIRECT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: with specific preparations (e.g., REVICI)


      • Eliminate plastic – Do NOT drink water from a plastic bottle; any spring or filtered water in plastic. The plastic leaches into the water and becomes an estrogen mimetic which will wreak havoc on the hormonal system in the body. Estrogen mimetics are all over in the environment and food supply and do represent a serious danger to one’s health. In addition, plastics contain phthalates which reduce spermatogenesis creating infertility. Avoid foods in plastic containers also.

      • Water (drinking) - Only in glass bottles like Mountain Valley Spring Water, San Pellegrino in glass, or other pure-in-glass mineral waters. If possible purchase for the home and office a high quality water filtration system such as reverse osmosis. The need for clean, clear, chemically free water cannot be emphasized enough, as most people are dehydrated which blocks the body’s ability to excrete toxins. Of course we don’t want to hold onto toxins, therefore flush them out with water! We all need to drink more clean water. If city water was ozonated and run through a reverse osmosis filtration system, it would probably be safe to drink; certainly much safer than chemically treating the public water supply with detrimental-to-health substances like chlorine.

        Bath and shower water – If your water supply is municipal (vs. well water), it means the water coming into your house is chemically treated with chlorine and fluorine. Additionally, the pure water laws only include eliminating the bacteria, but now we are finding heavy metals, pesticides and many pharmaceutical drugs in the water. You need to get a shower filter to eliminate these toxic, highly reactive elements. To breathe their fumes is dangerous, not to forget their absorption into the body through the skin. They can disrupt everybody’s health.

      • Eliminate MOLD – There should NOT be any mold or fungus in the house. If you see it, you got it. If you don’t see it, you may still have it in the house. Sometimes you don’t see mold or fungus, but you can smell it. Trust your nose! MOLD IS TOXIC! You can now buy test kits in stores like Home Depot to check for mold, or hire a reputable specialist to come into your house to make sure you don’t have ANY environmental mold. If there is any possibility of mold in the house, it is IMPORTANT to use good quality air filters (i.e. HEPA), especially in the bedroom, so you stop breathing in any mold spores. Ask your mold specialists what they recommend. Some have a UV light plus a filter to destroy the mold spores. Candida: If you have fungal nails, athletes foot, jock itch, skin rash, vaginal yeast infections, white coating on tongue, you undoubtedly have a Candida Yeast infection. Candida is usually systemic, and it is a particularly tenacious microorganism. A great anti-fungal product to use for 1-2 months is Kolorex from Australia, and Gentian Violet drops from the Sacred Medicine website. Do NOT ingest gentian violet that is used for topical purposes. Also, wild oregano oil kills fungi. Merely putting it in your salad dressing daily is helpful or taking wild oregano oil capsules.

      • Eliminate heavy metals – First, this means BUY ORGANIC because pesticides are loaded with heavy metals. Heavy metals are also toxic i.e. mercury in fish. Another potential mercury source is the ‘silver’ fillings dentists use for patching holes in teeth if there are cavities. These fillings are at least 50% mercury (not silver!). Instead, ask your dentist to use mercury-free fillings or ‘white’ composite fillings. Another source of a poisonous heavy metal are some hair dyes which may contains lead to cover up grey. Lead is also found in canned goods which are lead lined. Do not use any aluminum cookware. Second hand cigarette smoke contains cadmium. Utilize air filters in the house (as in mold above) to decrease any chance of inhaling toxic metals from our polluted air, especially if you live where there is heavy traffic (in the city), or a busy street or highway.

      • To aid the body in removing any unwanted toxic heavy metals, Dr. Flavin prescribes DMSA orally with trace minerals when indicated (this is not an over the counter product and needs to be done under a doctor’s supervision), Zeolite in the morning with trace minerals, cilantro in the afternoon to bind the metals in the body, and chlorella at night to help eliminate it. Zeolite has an ancient folk medicine history and is uniquely created in nature when undersea volcanoes erupt and the lava mixes with ocean water. The mineral rich ash of the lava combined with sea water is raw zeolite which is then processed for human consumption. The one-of-a-kind molecular/lattice structure of the zeolite traps toxic heavy metals that are present in the body which are then safely excreted. Zeolite is not only extremely helpful in removing the heavy metal burden we place upon our bodies, but is also a source of beneficial healthful minerals. We all need to get more minerals, for the current level of beneficial minerals in the soil which grows our food is dramatically depleted. This yet another important reason to BUY ORGANIC where agricultural methods such as composting enriches the soil increasing the mineral content, and makes the earth which grows OUR FOOD (and us), healthier. And just in case you don’t know this fact: without minerals, your body cannot metabolize vitamins, nor work properly, or be healthy.

      • EMF- Electro Magnetic Field. This is the harmful background radiation emitted by modern electronic devices. It is definitely harmful to be continually bombarded by EMF’s from computers, cell phones, mobile phones, etc. Use them discriminately and only when necessary, stay far enough away from the televisions, and do not use your cell phone in the car without it being away from the body, for health and of course legal reasons too. We are seeing more stokes and brain tumors and it has a direct link to cell phone use that is directly on the head. A cable to the phone will at least decrease the EMF in the brain and head itself. It is especially important to remove all electronic devices from the bedroom such as electric clock radios, electric blankets, and computers. We should do everything we can to clean up not only our sleep environment, but wherever we spend lots of time. EMF’s are disruptive and can be measured with gauss meters which are not expensive. Go through your house with a gauss meter and see where the EMF hot spots are. Be prepared to move furniture and electronic gadgets so you can relax, not be close to EMF emitting electronic components, and therefore not subject your body’s delicate tissues with excessive electromagnetic pollution. Is this the underlying cause of the increase of cancer in modern times?

      SIDE NOTE: Morphine – When severe pain is involved, morphine is oftentimes prescribed. However, morphine decreases the levels of NK cells (Natural Killer) which are vital for immune system protection. Instead, have the doctor prescribe Tramadol.

      Visit: canceractionny.org for more information

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