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Insights from visiting the International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine
July 2008
The weekend of July 18-20, 2008 I had what I thought would be an opportunity to share my story with progressive thinkers at the 16th  Annual International Congress on Anti-Aging  Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies in Washington DC.  Mine was one of several testimonials based on the results of Gary Null’s recent Health Support Groups.

At the end of his speech, though, members of the audience had text messaged some questions for him to the moderator, most of which questioned his methods; for instance, one asked if he had DNA testing done to support his work and another suggesting that the few testimonials that were presented may be anecdotal and may not represent future results.  Read More...

Your Aging Brain A Basic Protocol
Optimum health starts with the understanding that health is a process. You are now the culmination of everything that you have ever done, been, eaten or been exposed to. This protocol is designed to be followed in order to lead you into a lifestyle that supports your optimum health. Read More...

The Principals of Wholistic Health
Wholistic health is based on a series of propositions subscribed to by an increasing number of professionals and laymen. These ideas, still new to many people, are at the core of wholistic health. Read More...

"Can We Heal Bedsores With Something Invisible?  ...  Diapulse, Decubiti and Fannies"
By Luanne Pennesi, RN, BSN, NCC
Published in the Long Island Jewish Medical Center Newsletter, Fall, 1991
As you walk through the double doors of 4 North it would not be unusual to find yourself face to face with a large two tone turquoise system that stands about 4 feet tall mounted on  wheels.  A nurse might matter of  fact walk this ominous looking system into a room and announce, "Fannie, it's time for your Diapulse treatment!"  Fannie turns as the nurse pivots the arm of the system and a round treatment head is placed over Fannie's sacral dressing (you guessed it, Fannie is a confused elderly woman with a Stage III  sacral  decubitus since admission). Read More...

The Greatest Instrument you will Ever Own
By Luanne Pennesi, RN, BSN, NCC
Do you like the way you look naked in a full-length mirror?  Most would shudder at the thought of even going there.  And yet a healthy body and a good body image are the hallmarks of a healthy person, especially if part of your profession is being a role model for health and an inspiration to your clients. So take a good look.  We are usually our worst critics, but we also need to be our loudest cheerleaders.  What do you like about your body?  Do you have toned, defined muscles?  Or do you see yesterday’s barbeque all over your gut?  Is there an area that is not a problem area for you?  Read More...

In Search of the Winner's edge:  Mental Toughness & Teamwork
 By Luanne Pennesi
The "beep" goes off before your routine...suddenly you draw a blank...ohmygod...  howdoIstart.   The tension rises in your body, your legs feel numb and you just want to get to the end of the music already.  This isn't how practice was.  Everybody's watching. Your legs are burning now.  Will this ever end?

Sound familiar?  Most of us want to believe that lots of lessons and practice will make us great skaters.  It's certainly what everybody else says.  But what is it that sets outstanding skaters apart from the skaters who struggle through their performances?  It's called mental toughness, or put in other words, grace under pressure.  Too often unless these traits are already integrated into the personality, the skater does not learn them from their scheduled lesson time.  Truth is, anyone can learn these skills with the right input and the right attitude. Read More...

Why We Eat Meat
By Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS, CNAT
Why do we eat the foods we eat?  Once we have a set pattern of when we eat, under what circumstances we eat and what “foods” we put into our bodies, can we change our eating habits?  If you’re interested in getting healthy, having more energy and stopping the aging process you will spend careful time examining these questions and pondering the answers.  Better yet, ponder the answers and then integrate the changes into your life.  See how unreasonable the Standard American Diet (SAD) is with regard to actually feeding your body and mind. Read More...