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Individual Consultations With Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS

Licensed in NY, NJ, FL, & TX

Luanne PennesiWhy consult with Luanne?

Because here is what you get:

Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment

  1. First we need to see what created your imbalances; ie, what are the risk factors that led to "dis-ease".   
  2. Next we need to ascertain the degree of toxicity you have accumulated in your body, your environment and your mind/thoughts/emotions and begin detoxifying on all levels.  
  3. Once that process has begun we integrate repairing/healing modalities on all 3 levels, and finally we rejuvenate and challenge the immune system.  
  4. Then you are placed on a maintenance protocol to keep the mind, the body, your envioronment and your spirit strong! 

Individualized Healthy Lifestyle Protocol

Recieve a Free Followup Appointment

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and pay the balance
at the time of consultation

You will be receiving:

What you need to bring with you in writing, or e-mail to Luanne at whnn@aol.com:

  1. What your diet is like
  2. A list of medications and supplements you are taking
  3. A brief medical history
  4. A list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do in life but
    have not had the opportunity to do so far due to your life’s circumstances
  5. Name, address, phone number
  6. E-mail address if you have one
  7. Your age

Pay up front with cash, check or money order

There are many testimonials on my web site, www.metropolitanwellness.com. I have found that the follow ups really make the difference when it comes to getting the results you want in every aspect of your life.
Let me know when you want to get started.  Call me to discuss fees and scheduling an appointment.


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