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Bio-Oxidative Therapy


The use of bio-oxidative therapies is fast becoming a powerful adjunct to natural healing methods. Activated oxygen, as found in peroxide (H2O2) and ozone (O3), is a powerful "oxidant". Cells get their energy from cellular respiration which is dependent on the presence of oxygen. CANCER cells get their oxygen from fermentation, which requires no oxygen. When the cancer cell is surrounded by a high oxygen environment, it is less able to grow and divide. VIRUSES also can't function well in a high oxygen environment. Activated oxygen in the bloodstream also causes lipid peroxidation, which seems to help in the reduction of serum cholesterol and triglygerides, so it is helpful for cardiovascular disease as well.

We also know that it stimulates cell receptor sites in white blood cells, so that it can play a key role in stimulating the immune system. It stimulates lymphokines and cytokines from lymphocytes and monocytes as well as Tumor Necrosing Factor, Interferon and Interleukin production, all of which are the body's natural chemical defenses to infectious microbes and carcinogens.

Activated oxygen is catabolic and does the following:

Uses of Bio-oxidative therapies:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease: irregular heartbeat, angina, stroke, memory issues, Raynauds and other circulatory imbalances, gangrene, vascular and tension headaches
  2. Infectious Diseases: Acute and chronic viral, fungal and bacterial infections, Epstein Barr Virus, herpes simplex and zoster, hepatitis, HIV, candida infection, EBV, CMV, parasitic infections
  3. Pulmonary diseases: Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, mycoplasma pneumonia, COPD
  4. Immune Illnesses: Diabetes, hypersensitivity reactions, MS, arthritis
  5. Other illnesses: Alzheimers, Cancers (especially blood/lymph cancers), chronic pain, migraines, Lymes disease, Bells palsy, arthritis, colitis, chronic wounds, peripheral nerve regeneration

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