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Luanne Pennesi


Programs by Luanne Pennesi

Getting Your Head on Straight:
Understanding your brain, your mind and how to not to lose them!

Staying Healthy in an Ailing Economy

Natural Approaches to chronic illnesses:
The effective uses of natural remedies and alternative medicine to heal the body

Living Authentically:
How to be happy, healthy and financially free

Shift happens:
How to create and manage change Zen and the Art of Spring Cleaning Andropause and Menopause- A natural approach Lean, Green Vegetarian Cuisine ™ Dealing with Stress…and other stuff we can’t control

How to relax and be inspired

Natural Approaches to Chronic Illness:
Wholism and the use of Alternative therapies

How to start your own business, market yourself and earn extra money as an RN

Healthy, Functional Relationships Practical magic: 
The uses of Chinese and Energy Medicine

Standing in Your Power:
The fine Art of Mental Toughness, Communication and how to Lead by example

Laugh your ass off:
How to really have fun


If you want Luanne to speak at your upcoming event, contact her at whnn@aol.com or call 903-881-7008


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