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CD - Zen and the Art of Spring Cleaning
by Luanne Pennesi, RN

There is no one right season to unclutter your life. The time is NOW. Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS will inspire you to start clearing out your life on every level, from your home to your relationships! This 1 hour radio interview will eave you with the tools you need to get going!
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Disscover Your Inner StrengthCD - Discover Your Inner Strength
by Luanne Pennesi, RN
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Anchoring the SpiritCD - Anchoring the Spirit
by Luanne Pennesi, RN

A Journey into Relaxation and Meditation, perfect for anyone who feels stressed, fatigued or wants to make time to just reconnect with themselves. Over 45 minutes of the most relaxing music and affirmations you have ever heard.
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Anchoring the SpiritCD - Optimal Athletic Performance
A Comprehensive Protocol for Track & Field Athletes with Luanne Pennesi and Special Guest Gary Null

"Optimal Athletic Performance is a comprehensive 10 CD set, with a bonus workbook on CD, for anyone interested in improving their health and athletic performance, utilizing track and field training."
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Anchoring the SpiritSoulutions: A Collection of Quotes to Inspire
by Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS

book review by
John Calabrese, Creations Magazine

Luanne Pennesi, a nurse who has worked with Dr. Gary Null for years as well as successfully in her own private practice, has an encyclopedic knowledge not only of conventional and natural health, but also of those motivating quotes to help us get and remain healthy. With a catchy title–"Soulutions"–Pennesi has created an inviting, inspiring companion for those moments when your perseverance and self-esteem are lagging. Its purpose is simple: to assist in bringing the soul to the surface of our lives, so we can live more in line with who we truly are. The quotes are from a surprising variety of sources–scientists, philosophers, spiritual leaders, self-help gurus, politicians (the good ones!), entertainers, Native Americans, psychic mediums–in an eye-catching format. It's all here, in a diverse collection: Deepak Chopra, Carlos Castaneda, Alan Watts, Louise Hay, Gandhi, Wayne Dyer, Madonna, Winston Churchill, and so many more. Soulutions moves with me throughout the house, providing succinct-but-vital reminders on every page, especially John Mason's brilliant thought, "You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
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