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January 2020

Dear Luanne,

I found you when I was searching for guidance with health issues that I have been struggling with for decades. I am so grateful to you! When I met you, I had some knowledge through my own research, courses I attended, and literature I acquired through the years, and for some years worked with an herbalist, but I didn’t have consistency or confidence. I felt lost! I was experiencing very low iron levels, type 1 uncontrolled diabetes, localized scleroderma, and out of range cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I am also a stage 3A breast cancer survivor and have osteoporosis. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and I drank organic red wine every weekend. I drank organic coffee occasionally, and wasn’t as conscious of an alkaline diet, although aware of it. My elimination was regular, but I was concerned with the consistency. I exercised and did yoga, but not with the regularity that was effective. I needed individualized guidance with just putting it all together.

You did that! After all my concerns and medical information was given. You gave me an individualized protocol that at first seemed to be a bit of a challenge, but once I worked out a system and ordered the supplements and powders, seeds and all that I needed, it became very routine. Your 145-page workbook Living Authentically is a powerhouse glossary of life order covering all bases; physical, environmental, spiritual, mental, financial, and last but certainly not least, emotional. Discover your Inner Strength book with the interviews of leading experts is so inspiring with life lessons that can be reread again and again. The Solutions book of quotes and inspirations has amazing quotes, that I refer to often and especially if I’m feeling low. After beginning this journey, the first thing I noticed was the energy boost I felt. I had a trampoline that I hadn’t used as much, along with other exercise equipment. I went to the gym when I could. You as an athlete, and RN holistic nurse consultant, informed me of the value of consistent exercise, and rebound workouts with the trampoline and of course it is in your booklet. I never realized that I could simply do 30 minutes a day, and the convenience of having the trampoline in my family room, gave no excuses or challenges. So besides riding my bike, going to the gym or a yoga class, I always have the option of jumping on the trampoline. Although I know I need to do resistance work as well. As per your direction, and referral to an alternative medicine doctor, I had toxic metal tests ordered, and food sensitivity tests performed, and was found to have toxic metals of lead and mercury as well as others. After chelation was done, I was cleared of all of them. I also learned of some foods that I have a sensitivity to and cleared them from my diet. Due to the autoimmune conditions I have, those foods can be a trigger, and my fear had been that the conditions could become worse, or that I could acquire another one.

Meditation is another benefit that was encouraged by you, and your CD, Anchoring the Spirit is so soothing and therapeutic. I love it. Although it is a work in progress to increase the time, I am certainly more consistent, and know how much it relates to my holistic health.

After all the protocols were in place, tests came back with all my blood work mentioned above in range, my hair that was thinning in areas is fuller, my nails grew better and stronger. I also noticed for the second winter in a row that the dryness and dandruff I used to get every winter doesn’t occur. The information you offered for my scleroderma that the doctor prescribed was helpful with recent outbreaks I had that disappeared, and longstanding ones were improved. For the first time in 25 years, my type 1 diabetes is in control with a 6.7 A1C. Another endeavor that I was encouraged by you to do was the health care proxy. This inspired me to do the trust for my grown son who has autism, (high functioning) as well as to update my will and identify trustees, (this was a major stressor that is now off my plate.) My health care proxy was completed. I also do meditations when I conduct my weekly enemas and I have organized my home with reducing clutter, (work in constant progress, smile) and continue to be conscious with healthy products for my home. No more wire hangers! (we had a talk with mommy dearest, smile.) I stopped my weekend wine and realized as you said that it was a habit, and just like coffee is acidic to my body. I have become vegan over the last year and a half, sometimes utilizing recipes from Gary Null’s Healing Foods Cookbook. Thank you for the referral for the integrated medicine vet and other referrals for holistic dentistry and hormonal concerns.

Luanne you have always been so responsive, and supportive with any questions or concerns and always resourceful and reassuring.

Thank Goodness for You!!!

I also appreciate Gary so much; I attended his One Bite at a Time seminar and the documentary Screening of Curing the Incurable that you were in.

Very truly yours,


Book Acknowledgment

Thank You, Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS, practicing for over 30 years in both conventional and integrative medicine. Your laughter, love, and support paved the way for all of us to help my father through his illness. You are an inspiration to me and my family.

Maryann De Leo

Curing the Incurable? Testimonials:
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Dear Luanne,

On April 16th 2017, my wife Kelly was diagnosed with acute myloid leukemia (AML). She was getting the biopsy because she was needing transfusions every seven to ten days. On that day, I thought it best that we become vegans. I called Bobby Elias who put me in touch with you. You were very kind and supportive. You sent us some vegan recipes to get started and a list of foods to avoid. I also used Gary's recipes from his anti-arthritis and anti-inflamation cookbook along with supplementation.

Usually people with AML only live for a few months due to the fact that they rely on weekly transfusions and their white blood cells and red blood cells are so severely compromised.

As of last January, 2018 her blast count (immature cells) was 21.5 percent. In december of 2018 Kelly's hematologist called Kelly and told her she is doing very well, that the blast which was checked in october 2018 was down to 9 percent. Today, in less that 2 years, she has gone over 22 weeks without a transfusion. Her hemotologist told her whatever you are doing keep on doing it.

Before becoming vegan, Kelly had borderline high cholesterol. Since becoming vegan, Her primary doctor sent her a letter congratulating her on lowering her cholesterol by 60 percent. Her blood pressure used to be 149 over 90. Since becoming vegan it is now on average 110 over 70. She has lost over 30 pounds of excess weight. She used to get rapid atrial fibrillattion attacks. Today, she has a steady comfortable pulse at 71-72 beats per minute. A few years ago she was labelled diabetic because she would have a blood sugar reading of 250. Today her average blood sugar reading is 97.

I can't thank you and Gary enough for all of your help and Bobby for putting me in touch with you.


Edward Fitzpatrick

January 2019

Dear Luanne, From the depths of my heart and soul I am forever grateful to you for being the conduit for the opportunity to snap out of the trance I was in, see myself as I am, and find the strength and courage to be myself. And for continuing to support my forward progress in health and life. With love and gratitude. Thank you.


October 2018

In September 2016, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The tumor was found by accident because the initial reason for my CT scan were terrible abdominal pains which turned out to be Colitis. They say there are no accidents- had it not been for the abdominal pains the tumor would have never been discovered. By now I would definitely be stage 4 or worse. Through a series of events I was put in touch with Luanne and through her she made me realize that this was not a death sentence, it was a condition which needed to be dealt with intelligently. Intuitively, I knew I first had to rebuild my immune system. Luanne put me in touch with an alternative MD here in NYC, I was with him for 8 months doing IV-C, Ozone, Vit. A shots, tons of detoxing agents and most of all changing my diet. Then, she put me in touch with an IPT oncologist. I’ve had 13 treatments of IPT low dose chemo, no radiation, no Prednisone, no hair loss, no vomiting, no diarrhea. I didn’t realize it at the time but this is/was an extremely aggressive cancer within weeks it had spread from my abdomen to my left lung, and to my neck. Two weeks ago, September 2018, I had a PET scan which came back 100% clean.

For me, this whole experience has been a gift, wrapped in a thing called cancer.

Chris de B
NYC 10/1/18

April 2018

I "E'd" you recently requesting remedy for my mom's bed sores. It's working fine. You are always so prompt and caring because even with your hectic schedule you find time to respond expediently. You are truly a person who lives an authentic life. I encountered you at Gary's brain study and I see in all my experiences with you that you're not only a great teacher you're also a great person with a great heart for people. Thanks for being who you are. My mom also says thanks

- L.S.

December 2017

Hi Luanne, this is Alma-

I just wanted to say a special thank you for meeting with me 1 year ago and analyzing my health situation and giving me a protocol that really work for me.

The Fibroid shrank from 6.0 cm to 0.9 cm! It was a long and dedicated journey but am truly grateful to you and Your team! thanks again

Alma B.

November 2017

November 2017

I'm so happy to be working with you Luanne. Your expertise and professionalism are amazing!!! You have helped me with medical issues and have been instrumental in changing my health and lifestyle. I am a vegan and have been following your protoccol every day. I have a protein shake every morning and I juice in the afternoon. I'm also following the supplement regimen devised by you and Gary Null.. I'm working with a holistic doctor who you referred me to and am doing a detox with him.

I'm so grateful that you have my back. You've always been there for me when I've called or e-mailed you to answer any questions I have and to give me adivice, despite your hectic schedule.

Your love and concern for people is awesome!! You are an inspiration!!!


September 2017

Hello Luanne,

I just want to let you know I am so enjoying being meat free, as I told you last time I wrote my conscience awoke to how terrible it is to eat those beautiful creatures, its worse than terrible its barbaric. For the past 20 years I limited myself to 4 ounces of beef which sounds small but by just giving this up and not changing my workout routine in anyway I lost 7 lbs, energy has increased among so many other wonderful things, I don't have to forsake my Italian as I am enjoying all the vegan pasta and delicious organic tomato sauce's, fabulous Almond Milk Protein Shakes etc I am so glad that my conscience awoke that's the main thing in that I know I could never consume anything with a face or heartbeat as Gary says, that you Luanne for all the work you do, you are just as vital and important as Gary is to all of us..


Peter LV

September 2017

Hi Luanne,

I just wanted to thank so much for all your help regarding my medical issues!!! Your advice regarding protocols, your support and the referral to Dr. Manganero have improved my health, and life style. None of these changes would have been possible without you and your advice!!! You are AMAZING!!!


May, 2017

Dear Luanne,

At the age of 22, doctors couldn’t understand why my body was failing. I had seen every type of specialist, done every medical test and tried every medication that traditional doctors could think of. None could diagnose my issue, or treat my symptoms of debilitating abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms would last a week straight with no relief and within months these episodes came more and more frequently until I was almost always in pain. I was told that I had cyclical vomiting syndrome or abdominal migraines, and that there was no cure and no reliable form of treatment. Medication never helped to reduce the nausea or abdominal pain. After years of trying, and my body slowly deteriorating more and more, I truly felt hopeless.

Then I met with you, and immediately you went to work on changing my diet and lifestyle. You recommended a holistic doctor for me to see to get the right types of medical testing done. Then, finally, I was diagnosed with an imbalance in gut flora, heavy metal toxicity, dangerously low iron, and even Lyme disease (to my surprise!). No doctor has ever told me there was anything wrong with me, when I knew of course that there must be something wrong. One look at my situation from you Luanne, and you knew exactly what to do. While it was incredibly important to know that I had Lyme disease so that I could start treatment for it, it was everything in your diet protocol which gave me all the nutrients I needed to let my body work properly and aid in the healing process.

There is nothing more devastating and confusing than when your body is failing you, and you don’t know why. I would have never made it through this without your guidance, and so I can never thank you enough. My life is back on track, I am working again and I feel great! I want everyone who has a similar experience as mine to know that there are answers out there. And most importantly of all, Luanne is so accessible, financially and via virtual consultations. There will be work to do, but Luanne is your advocate and you can trust in her. Thank you, Luanne! <3


Jess L

January, 2017

Dear Luanne,

In June 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Uterine cancer. Then after scans, surgery, biopsies & genetics testing it was revealed that I also had a rare cancer called Primary Peritoneal Clear Cell Carcinoma and an equally rare genetic mutation known as Lynch Syndrome. How could this be? I am an 11 time marathoner, ate clean & mostly organic for the past 15 years. This diagnosis left me feeling helpless and full of fear.

I opted for chemo but knew that I wanted to go the holistic route as soon as possible after but didn't know how to go about it. I heard about Luanne from 2 different friends. When I contacted her and told her my story she said “just because you have a genetic predisposition does not mean you have to manifest cancer”. I had no idea how to go about revamping my life and Luanne made it so easy. She spent a long time with me at our first visit going through everything from my eating to my sleeping habits. She gave me a to do list broken down into 9 easy sections. She sent me to a holistic MD to run extensive blood work so she could tailor my supplement regimen. Among some of the things she had me do was declutter my house, throw out my microwave and give up coffee, sugar and alcohol. I wasn't as healthy as I thought I was.

I am proud to say that I am now cancer free! Luanne has made me feel empowered to overcome my cancer diagnosis and most importantly she has given me hope. Hope for my future that it will never recur. It would be easy to fall back into the same habits I had before I was diagnosed but what’s the point of having a life changing event if you don’t change your life? Luanne can get you there.

Christine J.

June, 2016

Dear Luanne,

You are a tower of strength and inspiration! I admire you.

I hope that you and Gary are successful and help many people in this study!

I'm glad that our paths keep us running into one another. I'll let you know when I'm available.

Thank you.

Love, Barbara V. :)

June, 2015

Dear Luanne,

I want to thank you for the critical role you played in Gary's April 2015 retreat in Texas. You are an inspiration/ role model to me. Thank you for your time, caring, concern, expertise, motivation, love and boundless energy. Where all your energy comes from - amazing! Damned if I know.

I found the 2 weeks to be deeply healing. Many hidden festering emotional traumas came to the surface and were lanced.

Since the retreat I've joined a gym, am bartering vegan kitchen work for yoga classes, and started the process of being a volunteer ambassador at Lincoln Center. I would like to volunteer for you or Gary 5 hours a week - any suggestions?

How much do you charge for your consultation services? I recommended you to someone.


Stephanie the teacher :)

May, 2016

Hello Luanne,

I wanted to update you on my health and to also express my undying gratitude to you and Gary Null for the work you do. You were both very helpful to me when I was scared and vulnerable. God Bless You!

14 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with mets to the bones — 12-18 months life expectancy. After reading the book by Gary Null you had recommended, I immediately changed my diet by following the guidelines you generously provided. After three months of learning and researching, and reading DDS Donald Kelley’s book: One Answer to Cancer (the original creator of the pancreatic enzyme therapy), I decided to place my life in the hands of MD Nicholas Gonzales and his partner MD Linda Isaacs. (Kelley's cure rates were very impressive. His science, logic, and explanations made complete sense to me.) By the way, the diet prescribed for my metabolic profile and type of cancer by MD Gonzales matched perfectly the one you sent me and that I had already switched to.

The results? Three months later, my 3.5 cm tumor in my left breast had shrunk to half the size, my lymph nodes were clear of cancer, and X-rays could not locate anylytic or blastic lesions in the bones. 9 months later the tumor had shrunk further to 1 cm, and now it’s completely gone.

As you can imagine, I’m very happy with the results and the therapy I chose because of the information you and Gary provided, but I'm sad that this amazing, natural, safe, and cost effective treatment is not available to the thousand of people that get diagnosed and die every year from cancer.

Luanne, I hope to meet you and Gary one day; until then, please know that you are both deeply loved.


Mina Albergo

February, 2016

Dear Luanne,

I would like you to know how wonderful it was to finally meet you in person! Truly, your inner beauty is only matched by your outer beauty.

I can imagine that in your day-to-day life, it's necessary to express extreme patience and kindness constantly, and that it may not always be easy, especially when there is such a demand for your time. Please know that there are very many people that recognize and appreciate your efforts in making this a better world for all of us. Thank you.

In Peace,

Bill Cain

September, 2015

Dear Luanne,

Thank you - for all the knowledge, wisdom, and care that you give so readily to so many of us- truly making the worlds of those you touch a much healthier, more joyful, and better place. Although we don't know each other well, you are indeed a role model and inspiration, and I'm most grateful.

Ellen Braunstein

Chris before


March, 2013

I, Chris Witting, was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer the summer of 2011. A large tumor was blocking my colon, so I was given an ostomy. The tumor had to be shrunken before it could be removed. The cancer had also spread to some spots on my liver. I was started on chemo to do the shrinking. I have been a long-time listener to Gary Null, and my wife Lynn and I had been leaning toward a healthy diet for some years now, but a cheese pizza or beef burger or chorizo taco at the stand would all too often slip in, with plenty of alcohol to boot.

My very first night in the hospital, my wife got in touch with Gary Null via email to ask for whatever help he could give. Much to her pleasant surprise, Gary at once got her in touch with Luanne Pennesi, who promptly sent us a comprehensive protocol to help deal with my problem. Luanne was just wonderful in guiding me thru all of the many steps of the protocol. Exact details of my strict diet, water filters, juicing, books to read on dealing with cancer, DVD's, meditation, supplements, exercise, detox baths and much more.

Chris-afterMy doctors were surprised at how fast my tumor shrank. I would have to credit Luanne's protocol for my great and speedy progress. My tumor was removed and my ostomy reversed. My doctor warned me that "only 1-in-4 Stage 4 cancer patients remain cancer-free" after such a treatment as mine, and warn that my cancer would "probably return."

I have had one PETSCAN and one CATSCAN and so far, no cancer has returned. My doctor says that I look like I was never sick a day and asks me "what my secret is, so he can tell his other patients." I just told him: "Green Juices" and he got quiet-like.

So far, so good. I am quite sure that Luanne and Gary have given me the guidance in order to get a new lease on my life. My wife Lynn and I shall be forever grateful for their help and expertise.

Christopher Witting

Dear Luanne,

I just have to let you know how much I have enjoyed listening to Gary this week! He has done such a good job. AND your comments at the end of each program have been right on the mark. I just want you both to know how I appreciate all the important information!!!! I got the video you suggested...it is excellent!


December, 2011


Quick note to express my appreciation and gratitude for the powerful, insightful, good-humored, empowering session you provided last night.

I'd never attempt to speak for anyone else, but I will say that the energy in that room was very real for me. I trust others feel as I do about last night and, more importantly, the entire program.

So many areas of health, wellness, and life were covered in such a short amount of time in ways that will stay with us, or so I feel.

I know, for instance, when I consider all the upheavel going on in the world with social justice, the environment, human health and the health of all living things, and the bleek trends associated with all of these, and all the daunting challenges to be met, I will pull back and recognize our collective effort globally to bring about true societal transformation, which I'm fully commited to, to simply have been like "popping a pimple"....that is priceless!

Jim Wilday
Health Support Group...Anti-Aging


March, 2014

Thank you Luanne!! It's been a powerful positive trajectory..I used to say "I am blessed and highly favored" and not believe it - now when I say it during meditations I do! I say it and believe it in my bones.. Thank you for all your help along my path Lawrence

Lawrence Polsky

September 2013

If you are still deciding whether to contact Luanne, DO IT! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 21. My last checkup in July indicated I did not show symptoms and I did not need to get scheduled for a colonoscopy. This is the first time this has happened in 23 years! I have not had any symptoms of UC after following Luanne's protocol and for a healthy diet and lifestyle. I also had allergies and would wake up congested every morning. Allergies are gone. Thanks again to Luanne. I also suffer from severe PMS and asked Luanne what I can do. She told me to take magnesium which I just did- and I cannot believe how much it helped! Unbelievable! Where I would normally be laying on the couch all day in pain, I now get up early and go to the gym to work out. In addition, I have lost weight, cleared the acne on my back and sleep through the night. All this without medication. I am seeing Luanne less than a year and how my life has improved! I am very grateful for all Luanne has taught me.

- Stephanie DeCarlo

August 2013


I had all of the following problems; upper respiratory infection, inflammation, severe PMS, anemia, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, hypothyroidism and …acne. Things were not going well and I did not know how I was going to overcome all of these issues… until the day I called Luanne Pennesi.

I head of Luanne from listening to Gary Null on the Internet. When I spoke to her, I told her what I was going through, and she gave me a protocol to follow. Part of the protocol entailed getting tested for food allergies. This test showed that I was highly allergic to dairy foods, which, over the years, I consumed quite a bit. There were times that I suspected dairy as a part of the problem in how I felt, but could not confirm it. In addition to the tests, the protocol consisted of consuming green juices, protein smoothies, taking supplements, exercising, and positive thinking. I was determined to be well and followed the protocol as best I could. There were a few bumps here and there, but, over all, my motivation carried me through.

Over a year ago I underwent surgery for an abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpinogo-oophorectomy, and reverse colostomy for a large tumor that measured almost the size of a football. The tumor was attached to the colon and bladder. I believe that what helped me through the terrible experience was using Luanne’s protocol before and after the surgery.

Today, I am a much happier person with far more energy than I can remember ever having. I am doing things at a level that was impossible for me just a few years go. I am almost 47 and-thanks to Luanne- feel like I’m 23! I am now living life in such a way that I did not think was possible. Although, I still have much work to do, I look forward to the challenges.

Thank you Luanne, for giving me the help I needed to get my life back!

Wendy D.

June 2013

You are an unbelievable special soul, one who tries hard to uplift others, who tends to see the best in others, who very often is a gift to others. You might not always succeed but your intentions are good. You are a blessing to people that know you well and blossoming more and more into a joy for those who spend any time with you. I am very glad that you have crossed my path.

Jameella N

May 2013

Luanne, Almost a year ago I found out about you from listening to you in The Gary Null Shows. Your approach is amazing and I felt empowered by it. You not only address the dietary concerns on healing and preventing disease but also other aspects as emotional health and how to be more resourceful. It is a complete package that not once I have seen any conventional doctor nor therapists with that approach.

Before working with you as my holistic coach, I used to blame my conditions and external events i.e. breast cancer, food addiction, relationships, financials, bad jobs, society, my childhood, ex husband, institutions for my reality.

Your approach made me see that everything was a result of making poor choices and as a result I was able to take full responsibility and control of my life, as I never did before.

I experienced your support and appreciated the times that you pointed the things I needed to see, not once did you feed into my dysfunction.

You also pointed at me in several occasions the way I perceived and judged others and told me that others did the best they knew with what they had. That alone created an opening in my heart to a higher level of acceptance and compassion.

Reversing those tapes took and still takes discipline and perseverance, it wasn't an overnight turn around; it actually took me several months to get it not just at the intellect level but also at a deep core level. This proves to me that "The teacher doesn't arrive until the student is ready" but once the student becomes ready and willing a coach like you can make a difference.

Today I am healthy and happy. I reversed several conditions and am 100% medication free. I see now that each day when I wake up I can make a choice to be happy, empowered and resourceful or if letting every single event or challenge get in the way of my happiness. And it is 100% my choice. Life will continue and positive responses to things I cannot control will create a shift in the ourtcomes. This is the result of working with you. I find that the cost of working with you is totally affordable and I haven't found anyone in the holistic field that comes close to what you do.

Your suggestion of meditating every day is very effective and listening to your meditation CD "Anchoring the Spirit" is my absolute favorite. After many times listening to it I see the positive impact it has on the quality of my day. Everybody and everything remained the same. What changed was my attitude and a lot of it was the direct result of being coached by you and following your suggestions.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. You are a true inspiration.

Flori Saban

March 6, 2013

Chris still working hard at recovery and staying in remission. He really does look and feel so..."back to his old self". Sometimes I just can't believe it's true, and how far we've come since August of 2011. I told Gary (Null) the same: You were with us thru our darkest hours, giving encouragement and lighting our paths. It was profound and I will never forget that, and neither will Chris.

Luanne, we constantly recommend you so highly to everyone that we talk to.

from L.W
Queens, NY

Hello, Luanne

I am very thankful that I took my mom to you.

My mom is getting better. She does not remember when the last time she felt so energetic and alive. She was never into eating healthy before. Now, she is totally obsessed (in a good way) with her diet, exercise and positive outloook on life. Her three sisters are amazed how much her health improved, and one her sisters, even followed my mom's advice not to take drugs, but lower cholesterol naturally. She was so thrilled when it worked after two weeks of eating properly.

Luanne, my mom followed your directions by reading your book, exercising, getting a juicer and blender and cutting off her work hours. She is juicing sometimes and her diet consists of all organic natural products, no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no coffee or sodas, no wheat, no white rice, no potatoes, etc. She eats fish and fresh fruits and veggies.

Thank you very much.
Anna O.

Dear Luanne,

I want to thank you for your time and patience! My mom is doing great after your consultation. She gave up meat, dairy, wheat, sugar and processed food. She feels more energetic and constantly talks about importance of a right diet. She even noticed change in her skin. She says that it is getting tighter and smoother than before. I am so happy that with your help my mom is on a right track. I am 100 percent positive that without your consultation and your book, it would not be possible.

Thank you, Luanne
Anna and Lyudmila O.

Dear Luanne,

As I look back at the past couple of months I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart for the help you gave me while I moved anxiously and fearfully through the surgical procedure of a large tumor from my right thigh. You gave me the advise, support and information I needed to move through the experience with courage and confidence. I very much appreciated the pre and post operative protocols that were extremely helpful with preparing me for surgery, and begin the healing process. I especially want to thank you for being available when I called you from the hospital the day after surgery and you assisted me with decisions concerning post operative procedures at a time when I couldn't make those decisions by myself. I am recovering well. Your continued support is invaluable and look forward to working with you in the coming months.

Peace and love,

June 20, 2012

Hi Luanne,
My life has changed so much since I started working with you I don't know where to begin. Friends I haven't seen in awhile keep telling me how much younger I look. I was a size 10-12 back in the summer and now I'm a size 4! I've been trying to follow your protocol and I feel like a different person. I also feel a lot better since I've started the ozone therapy. I can't begin to thank you for all the changes I've made in my life as a result of my work with you. I admire your knowledge, professionalism and commitment in helping me, as well as so many other people....

Ann Jaffe

I wanted you to be the first to hear this unbelievable news. I just completed a colonoscopy yesterday & my "doctor" jumped for joy, off course, he said I have a lot of scar tissue on the left....but that is something I wasn't aware of.. This is terrific news as you can well understand and imagine! And I want to thank you for everything! You were the major contributor to this wonderful story. I would have never made it through this journey without your expertise, your focus and caring, and your sense of humor! From the bottom of my heart I thank you a million times. Love, hugs and more.


Hi Luanne,

My leucoplakia is still reversing. It is barely visible and I am doing well thanks to you/Gary. I'm 40 pounds stronger and will say hello @ the Navel Expo to personally thank you. It must be 5 years by now since you consulted me. A thousand thank you's!

For Health and Function,
Mark Wedell OTR/L

Dearest Luanne,

Thank you for helping me on my journey to wellness. Your book is fantastic, and everyday it is opening my eyes and enlightening me in more ways than I imagined.

Helen Kanellis

January 2012

In retrospect, I was a very sick woman diagnosed with Crohn?s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis eight years ago. I had lost 40 pounds. I could no longer work, or think, or focus or have a life for a very long time. I was on a medical roller coaster with very very limited ups. I had no quality of life until I met Luanne at a Gary Null program in November 2009.

I had been on a Remicade protocol combined with a wide range of other dangerous drugs for over 5 years when one November morning after an infusion I woke up with a terrible reaction.They called it Serum Illness. Not only did I feel horrible but I was unrecognizable. My face and upper body blew- up. I looked 7 months pregnant. I was so sick and so weak. As a matter of fact when I walked into my physician?s office that following morning no one recognized me. My physician said he had never seen this reaction and he sent me to a specialist who ordered heavy Prednisone and the usual regimen of Colasol, Asacol and a slew of other drugs.

I quickly developed a numbness in my hands and feet. My Neurologist informed me that if I had continued the heavy dose of prednisone I would eventually loose the ability to climb stairs. I had physically and emotionally hit a wall. One thing I knew for sure - traditional medicine was not only killing me but bankrupting me at the same time.

A very dear friend who had her own medical issues invited me to attend a Gary Null Program scheduled for November, 2009. Sidebar:I almost didn?t meet Luanne that Saturday because when I got to the office at E.92nd Street and opened the door I nearly feinted. All I saw was a huge mountain of stairs. I wasn?t sure that I could make it. But, it was the best climb I could have ever made in my life. That climb literally catapulted my healing journey which started with Luanne. Our collaboration focused on an integrative program has resulted in my finally living a quality of life. Her workshops, private consultations, supplements, recommendations to other professionals and comprehensive program was challenging but was worth every moment, every hour of the journey. She was there every moment for me. And please note that it was a heck of lot easier than the medical model that I traveled for many years.

I continue to follow her recommendations and strategies that were designed to lead me to achieving a quality life achieving goals that I had set prior to my illness. I have achieved many milestones since our collaboration. Luanne?s last note on the plan she developed for me was "to get back to work!"And I am delighted to report that I finally completed one of the children?s books that I had started.

If you or a family member or friend are struggling on the medical or emotional front--- Don?t wait one more moment. Contact Luanne and set up an appointment. Folks this is the real deal! Luanne I thank you, my family and friends thank you. And in closing Luanne, please accept my apologies for not getting this "thank you and celebration of you" to you sooner. Wishing you the very best.

Claudia DiSalvo

Dear Luanne

This time its real

I’m all healed!!

Blood Pressure 109 on no meds. Only vitamins and good fresh organic food


Thank you and have a great summer!


Hope all is well. My mother started Gary’s complete protocol on 5/18/10. As of today that is about 39 days ago.

About a month into the protocol she started to occasionally babble. Which she was not doing before. Not much of that any more.

Also after a moth of the protocol her tremors have decreased significantly. She also seems to be stronger where we are walking about 50 ft per day. This week we have started to walk twice a day 50 ft each session.

So we have made progress.
Thank you for your time.




August 2010
Luanne's protocol and guidance have taught me volumes about myself and have educated and enlightened me in the holistic world of being. I had always thought I followed a healthy diet and lifestyle and didn't think much could change to make it better. When I am following Luanne's protocol I feel better, plain and simple. Issues with CFS seem to diminish, I have more energy, about 95% less headache's (I have had major problems my entire life with terrible headaches and migraines), and in general just feel and look better. Her advice goes beyond diet and she truly takes an authentic holistic approach and urges you to examine all areas of your life. I am so grateful to have Luanne in my life. She has opened up many doors for me and has given me the necessary tools to change my life. Thank you Luanne! "
Long Island, NY

LeAnn Zunich commented:   
"Well, I'm finishing day 15 without diet soda. I've de-cluttered two rooms. I've e-mailed my success team. I walked 5 miles today. Sounds like you're having an effect on somebody."

4/09 Thanks,

Luanne!  These shakes are putting some serious PEP IN MY STEP!!!  And I love how I feel like I ate the equivalent of a satisfying meal.  Well, I am energized and in SUCH a different mood, like I could lift a building.....Wow.  AND, forget the sodas. The shake is sweet enough that the thought of drinking a disgusting HFCS-laden soda after that--or anytime near that--was repulsive!!! And, I had some perfectly good grapes and oranges in my mini-fridge.  The more of the natural sugar I stick to, the less of the fake one I can take.

Anyway, just wanted to share that and I'm taking the next month to really kick some butt in the gym, and at home.  (I've got some Tae BO tapes)

Many thanks and I'll talk to you soon 


I really need to thank you for everything. You were willing to help in any way. I am convinced that your nursing encompasses a spiritual ministry available to anyone in yours and Gary's sphere. In the ubiquitous nature of consciousness, we all are touched by your blessing.

A loving thank you,
Kimberly S

May 2008

This has been a journey filled with new insights, struggles, changes in life style and eating and enlightening. I have learned much, let go of bad baggage and am still in the process of reclaiming total health and wellness. I am also learning how not to be a victim of what other people choose to do. I try not to take things personal but let it roll off my back like a duck. :-) And I am reevaluating all of my relationships. I have added fun to my life with roller skating and increasing more in daily exercise and diet. Some things are still a challenge with food but I am making progress that I am proud of. I feel good about myself and growing stronger in areas where I am weak with certain people who love to upset me. The book is such a great guide for me. I also went to see a reflexologist and it was great. thank you Sallie Williams

thank you
Sallie W

May 2008

Hi Luanne,

Everything is good with me. I'm still juicing greens daily and it adds such a huge dimension to my well being. I am for the most part completely medication free.

How many times can a person say THANKS? Your guidance has enabled me to regain a large part of myself.


"I'm having such a blast that I don't want to sleep or eat, I just want to go, go, go...but I know that's not realistic. This is my inner child at play, doing what my inner child does best....enjoy life to the fullest it her own way, beating her own drum to her own time!!! I'm IN LOVE....with life & myself!!! I've been set free!!! Luanne....I can't even describe it to you, words just don't cut it...and I know you know what I mean."

Thank you.
Ramoma H

"I'm a living magnet for miracles today. I've read your book for the second time. Each time I read it I pick up on something new. I'm really getting a grasp on myself now. It's getting better and better every day for me. Relaxing is the biggest thing that helps the most. There is too much good in life to go around tense all the time. Too many things to see, experience, enjoy, reflect on. I'm cleaning my apartment and pretty much transforming it...before it was a place to live in that I did not relate to myself (my desires, dreams, passions, goals). Things are changing. More and more I can see that life is energy, the more time you spend on making it the way you want it, the more results you will have, and the happier you become. Change into what you want to be, into what you want. It's fun!"

P. Alexander,
Colorado Springs, CO

"If you are ready to take control of your health and your life, you need sound advice, straight talk and an abundance of information from an authentic health and wellness professional, Luanne Pennesi will make you feel worthy of all that you will become on your journey toward ultimate health and happiness."

Deborah Fredericks,
New Jersey

"Your workbook is probably the most information packed manual on lifestyle and health that I've ever seen. It is invaluable information and I know I will be using it for reference, inspiration, and for filling in gaps in my life and health. I am super happy that it has all of this combined: lifestyle, nutrition, inspiration, health, and so much more. It's like a manual for life. You have something here that is priceless."

Peter Alexander,
Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you very much Luanne- This program has given me a new lease on life I have been reading and studying all of Gary's books on nutrition and gathering information on the web I am really enjoying the adventure of discovering new recipes with different foods that make me feel wonderful!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dear Luanne,

Hi!!! I have to tell you about my day. I arrived at the Metropolitan Wellness Group for my ozone a little nervous as usual. As I came around the bend to the drip room I heard music that didn't sound like the usual CD. I turn the corner and realize I hear a live guitar. I said, "Alright." Right away I'm asked if this will bother me. "Of course not, this is great," I reply. Omar, Maria's partner had brought up his guitar and was playing and singing. There were four of us getting ozone and Dr. Cangiano and Carol. Everyone was smiling. Big smiling. I relaxed, put the heating pad on my arm, Carol got a great vein and we didn't have to switch halfway. We were all singing, even Dr. Cangiano. If only we had had a video camera!

You would have loved it, Luanne.

Dr. Cangiano told us of a great place he had raw food last night. It's called Quintessence and since Bob and I love raw food we decided to go there instead of the Caravan of Dreams where we usually go. Well, I can't believe the food we ate. It was so delicious. We talked to everyone like we usually do and when asked how I about Quintessence I said, "My doctor" and then smiled. What a great feeling.

Oh man, I'm ecstatic (it doesn't take much), this was two of the best meals (we got dinner to go) I've ever had. I'm known to say that about live food, but this just blew me away.

I just had to tell you because I feel so good and because it wouldn't have happened without you and your vision. Thank you Luanne :)

Many Blessings,

Dear Luanne,

I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave a friend of mine, as well as all your help in the support group.

My friend, JB, needed help for his son who has multiple problems. When I called you on Sunday recently, you took the time to help him get an appointment at your Wellness Center the next day. You didn’t have to do that, and it’s very much appreciated.


Thank you for your suggestions in your last e-mail. I am currently trying to eliminate some toxins from my home environment - using natural cleaners, natural dishwashing liquids and will purchase another shower filter. I have been going to an herbal clinic for the past few months (3-4). They have given me a tea mixture specifically for my liver. At my last appointment I requested (at your suggestion) something for my lungs (general cleanser, builder). I was given an herbal tincture which I started to take immediately. I felt better immediately upon taking the tincture for my lungs. The very next day (literally) I noticed a change with the condition of my scalp. After just a few days I am amazed at the condition of my scalp - dandruff is 99.9% gone. Thank you for your suggestion. Runny nose has reduced somewhat but not gone. Still working on environmental cleansing and testing for allergies in my diet.

Thank you.


"Not only did I find an excellent roommate, I also received not one but two job offers. All of which could not have been possible if I was still using Marijuana. I am of course still under some brain fog. However, my mind is clearing much faster than most because of the protocol you gave me. Thank you! It seems to be all coming together! Add this too : since being on the protocol my hay fever, which was very severe, causing constant runny nose, repeated violent sneezing, red watery eyes, and congestion so bad I had to breath though my mouth, IS GONE! Now I can run like the wind. I joined the cross country team at Citrus College, CA, and today I ran five miles".

Dan LA,


Dear Luanne,

Four years ago I was "diagnosed" as HIV+. I was very naive and confused at the time. The man that I was living with was also HIV+ and had been since 1994. He and his doctor as well as my family and friends were pressuring me to get on the cocktails. I joined a support group and went through the typical channels of "education" available... I was completely overwhelmed with all the information I was receiving. My mother gave me your phone number because she knew that you were working with AIDS patients at the time...

I called you and you were kind enough to take the time to explain what I now consider "the other side of the AIDS/HIV issue" to me in depth and answered so many of my questions with patience, understanding, and simplicity. I know we are each responsible for own health and healing but that one phone conversation with you sparked me into a completely new understanding of this so-called dis-ease I had just been labeled with. That was information that was not available to me through the traditional sources I had been seeking. Per your advice, I bought Gary Null's video AIDS: A SECOND OPINION. Despite the pressures from family and friends to get on the cocktails I continued my research and began unraveling this HIV/AIDS myth for myself. I decided a wholistic healthcare just simply makes more sense. In 1999 my boyfriend died. Of course the cause of death was AIDS, but I know it was his medications.

I am now attending The National College of Oriental Medicine in Orlando, Florida. I just finished my first of a three year masters program. I have decided to create my own wholistic protocol and hopefully help others do the same one day. I owe thanks and praise to you and others like you who are out there working, educating, and inspiring the rest of us to take our health and our lives into our own hands and to seek the TRUTH. Thank you Luanne for your courage and your commitment to the greater good of our society. Most of all, thank you for helping me save my own life. I am forever grateful.

Peace and God bless.

"Luanne had an immediate grasp on my condition, and with simple, powerful, and direct suggestions for treatment, she greatly helped me stay healthy dealing with HIV/AIDS.

During my Vitamin C drips, whenever she walked into the room, the whole room lit up with her upbeat, powerful energy, and I couldn't wait until she appeared again with a smile, an encouraging word for everyone, and a sense of inspiration that anyone can walk the talk and make it happen!"

-Douglas Graham Bates
motivational speaker, workshop facilitator,
writer www.toolbox4hivwellness.com


'Luanne is amazing. Not only does she travel across the country monthly to give nutritional advice to people who count on her guidance for their very health, she doesn't hesitate to get personally involved. When a friend of mine was stricken with ALS, she was right there with an offer of help, ready to take on the patient's family, the doctors - anyone, if it would heal my friend. And she doesn't limit her advice to the field of health! During one talk to a nutritional group, I heard her mention having taken a Secrets of the Millionaire Mind seminar. She said that she tripled her income within the first year, as a result of that seminar. I was inspired, and took the same seminar the next time it was given, locally. As a result, within the first week I did something I'd wanted to do for years, but couldn't "get it together" to do - get started in a business of my own. Thanks, Luanne! You change lives!"

Nance P
Los Angeles, CA


August 15, 2010

All Healed!

I contacted you 7/13/09 with a severe case of psoriatic arthritis. I followed your protocol and viola, I am healed!! But the road taken was not easy. There were many rocks and obstacles along the way. We that want to be healed, must direct our attention to the goal of wellness. I followed the Diet, found a wholistic doctor and a great acupuncturist and a healer- No poisons in my food or mind! My husband did not like this but he had no choice, this was my body, my soul. So I walked the path to wellness alone. We all must do this. Many times we have doctors or healers that are not right. We must say thank you and goodbye, then continuing on our journey. Today I am healed. It doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes we get discouraged. However the goal stands first and we follow it to wellness, happiness and joy.

Thank you for your guidance along the way.


Diligence is required so we do not step back but continue on our Path to Wellness~



August, 2014

Luanne was the first one I contacted when I got a cancer diagnosis in 2012. (I always said I’d go onto one of Gary Null’s protocols if I ever got something serious) She immediately sent me an anti-cancer diet. It was quite a change of lifestyle, to have to have two shakes and green juice every day, to say nothing of the many supplements she put me on, but I’ve lost 43 lbs (easily) and each one of my check-ups has been fine.

There’s no sweeter news than being told you’re still cancer-free. I’ve contacted her twice, in the past, about friends who had serious medical conditions crop up, and she didn’t hesitate to offer to help them. She’s an expert at what she does and I’d recommend her to anyone, anytime.

Thanks, Luanne!


January, 2014

Thank you so much for your support and transitional changes you have helped me achieve with your guidance to overcome my cancer...3 years and still cancer free...thank you.

...all the best to you and Gary

John Belardo, MD

March, 2013

I, Chris Witting, was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer the summer of 2011. A large tumor was blocking my colon, so I was given an ostomy. The tumor had to be shrunken before it could be removed. The cancer had also spread to some spots on my liver. I was started on chemo to do the shrinking. I have been a long-time listener to Gary Null, and my wife Lynn and I had been leaning toward a healthy diet for some years now, but a cheese pizza or beef burger or chorizo taco at the stand would all too often slip in, with plenty of alcohol to boot.

My very first night in the hospital, my wife got in touch with Gary Null via email to ask for whatever help he could give. Much to her pleasant surprise, Gary at once got her in touch with Luanne Pennesi, who promptly sent us a comprehensive protocol to help deal with my problem. Luanne was just wonderful in guiding me thru all of the many steps of the protocol. Exact details of my strict diet, water filters, juicing, books to read on dealing with cancer, DVD's, meditation, supplements, exercise, detox baths and much more.

My doctors were surprised at how fast my tumor shrank. I would have to credit Luanne's protocol for my great and speedy progress. My tumor was removed and my ostomy reversed. My doctor warned me that "only 1-in-4 Stage 4 cancer patients remain cancer-free" after such a treatment as mine, and warn that my cancer would "probably return."

I have had one PETSCAN and one CATSCAN and so far, no cancer has returned. My doctor says that I look like I was never sick a day and asks me "what my secret is, so he can tell his other patients." I just told him: "Green Juices" and he got quiet-like.

So far, so good. I am quite sure that Luanne and Gary have given me the guidance in order to get a new lease on my life. My wife Lynn and I shall be forever grateful for their help and expertise.

Christopher Witting

November 2011

Hi Luanne,

I hope all is well!

It has been just a little over a year ago that my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and our journey began.

Cordelia is doing amazing! Her hearing as improved significantly. I was told it would be a miracle if she regained any of her hearing. Six months post op she improved by 30 decimals which was a 65% improvement from the day before she was diagnosed. The tumor actually measured smaller on her 9 month post op MRI (without one dose of chemotherapy)! She had her 12 month last week and the tumor is stable. The MRI frequency has changed from every 3 months to 6 months which is a huge milestone. Her life has improved on all levels (mentally, physically and emotionally). She hasn't been sick for over 1 year now. She used to have monthly episodes of vomiting, sinus problems and allergies.

Joe no longer takes Asthma medicine and hasn't had an episode in over 10 months. He has had some ear infections but I recently began to use an herbal ear drop and we haven't had anymore ER visits or antibiotics. He is in preschool now. The preschool is free of charge and they have a special program that teaches children important life skills like self acceptance, anger management and socialization. I asked for something like this to happen for him and the universe delivered!

One of our biggest dreams came true in September as I bought a house that has more space and a yard! We previously lived in a 2 bedroom condo. The new house has really improved our environment and lifestyle and we are all much happier. We love our new community and school and everything has just fallen into place.

We listen to affirmation/relaxation tapes frequently by Louis Hayes or Shambala kids and we have begun the "Shambala Kids Life Skills" program. I have made it a personal commitment to continue personal growth and improvement and to apply what I learn to my family.

We have dramatically reduced sugars, wheat, dairy and processed foods and try to eat mostly organic whole foods. We drink smoothies every morning with coconut milk, berry extracts, lecithin, flax seed and hemp seeds. We also drink "green lemonade" (broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon juice) as often as we can. I am committed to continue to improve our diet but am proud of the progress we have made. Just last night my daughter drank a glass of almond milk and said "this taste better than cow milk"!

My husband and I have filed for divorce. I continue to work on the need to engage in relationships that are unhealthy for me and my family. I have identified the need as a result of low self acceptance/esteem.

I think the most important things I have learned over the last year are:

  1. Balance balancing health, exercise, personal growth, relaxation, finances, work/career/school, relationships are imperative
  2. Life skills Self Acceptance/Esteem, Thought Awareness, Stress/anger Management, Living authentically. None of these are things I ever learned as a child and most I still do not know as an adult. I am committed to learning them as a family.
  3. There is no destination - My life is about continually growing, changing and improving. This is exciting to me! Mistakes are an opportunity to grow instead of an opportunity to feel remorse or guilt. For the first time in my life I am happy with my life just as it is because I know I am always changing, growing and improving. I have the ability now to be thankful for all the wonderful things I have and not dwell on the things that I don't have or scenarios I wish had never happened.

I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our journey. Even though we have not spoken often I have used all the materials you provided me and thought of you often during this time of growth. Our first consultation we had was one of the major things that provided me the courage to start this journey. Something in your words, voice and attitude made me believe it was all possible. I keep that feeling with me as I move forward. Thank you!

Jenny Valdivia

I never told you that:  

The prostate protocol you gave me worked, eventually. With consistent application of the nutrients, all is back to normal!

I did my second triathlon sprint this summer and the DMG worked wonders.  

Thanks for all you do!  


Lawrence Polsky
Managing Partner, PeopleNRG

In August 2009 my annual physical exam disclosed in a blood test an elevated PSA reading. A biopsy of positive for cancer followed. The urologist laid out the usual medical solutions- burn, cut or poison. I inquired if there were any other alternatives; he suggested I could do some watchful waiting. To me this made no sense and I told him so, to which he responded I could try some radiation which he has had some good results with. I told him I will do my own presearch.

I got busy, seriously reading as much as I could about the disease and then consulted with Luanne Pennesi. Luanne provided me with counseling, a protocol and worked with me closely. After six months I had blood work done and one of the improvements noted was a significant reduction in my PSA reading.

The urologist noted the improvement only by saying that it does not mean much if Im not being treated. A further test in May 2010 showed further improvement based on the protocol, diet and support of the Gary Null approach, expertly administered by Luanne.

I wish to express my appreciation to Luanne for her guidance and to Gary for his years of fearless and courageous sacrifice, fighting the drug cartel and this corrupt health system.
S. Aaron


October 2008


What I can say is volumes but what I will say is direct and succinct, and even then, seemingly long yet true!

I was on a personal good-health mission 10 years BEFORE I ever heard of you, and I was very successful. When I hired you by telephone in July 2004 to provide natural alternatives for my eighty-six year old uncle in an assisted living facility (after seeing Gary Null on WHYY here in Philadelphia and finding you on his website), you did wonderful things for his well-being. I said I was doing great on my own healing path from chronic pain but one day maybe you could update my self-assembled protocol. Suffice it to say that two years later my world changed with a long overdue trip to your office in New York City and my first opening to a new universe of well being, beginning with that first consultation. From there, I entirely eliminated meat from my diet, found I had chronic fatigue syndrome and heavy metal toxicity, cleared those up in a couple of months with bio-oxidative and high-vitamin C drips, and now have a new energy and astoundingly excellent health at age 55 beyond anything I imagined when I thought my self-researched healing work was doing fine! I have done and continue to do everything in your workbook with avarice and became such a crusader for your protocols. The results are that my eighty-five year old mom went from 14 drugs to 0 in a couple of months, and my attentive siblings, children, and every client, friend, aquaintance and anyone I met with any health issues were driven to call you with the passion of a committed preacher because I so strongly believed in your results. I have watched too many of my friends, family, and colleagues needlessly die of bad habits and lifestyles. Overall though, the world remains a place where one can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink. I'm okay with that now and focus my energies in life on those that get it. In the course of four years, you have become my closest friend, mentor and coach, and I cannot imagine my life without you in it! Thank you with all my love.



"While my goal is constantly striving for relative balance, My emotional state has changed tremendously. I am no longer depressed or have anxiety attacks. My family and personal life has taken a major turn in so far as relaxation and fun time together has tripled from where it used to be and is consistent daily! I have attended workshops for creating the life I desire which entail replacing negativity with positive healing affirmations...."



Hi Luanne,

I would like to acknowledge that you were 100% right with your protocol! I dropped 4 medications, the last 3 weeks i am off diabetes medication, i am still on atenelol and benazapril at 1/4 doze of what I was before and i lost 15 lbs without trying, those are fantastic results. Moe A.



Feb, 2009


I wanted to say "thank you" for two things -  

First, for answering your phone early last Wednesday morning when not even the "emergency" line at my doctor's office was answered by a real person.   

Second, for providing practical information on how to treat the dehydration and weakness that ensued from a very nasty stomach bug that knocked me flat.  This information was doubly useful, because after taking care of me, John came down with it two days later!   

We are both fine now. Again, thanks so much!  

Stay well,



It was fabulous to see "Normal Bone Mineral Density of the Left Hip" In 2008 it was reported "Osteoporosis of the left hip and Osteoporosis of the Lumbar Sine with High Risk of Fractures." So this was truly good news..... And it is always good to receive a normal mammography that says see you next year. And I am more than delighted to get the result from my last colonoscopy - no active Crohn's...lots of scar tissue - and it is great to have normal days.. And Luanne again let me say 'THANK YOU" again and again for everything. You have been my "light" - my mentor, coach... providing motivation, intelligence, sensitivity, sense of humor, and a huge heart.

A big hug,



Good news – All my hair is back. I hope this never happens again. I took before and after pictures. It’s truly amazing. I took the pictures over a three month period. I still have a long way to go. I still have skin outbreaks. I am presently working on reversing this condition, hopefully it will happen soon. This summer I spent two to three hours in the gym six days a week and went to the beach in the afternoon. It helped me out a lot. I will be calling you soon, Hope your pirouettes in skating are wonderful. Best to you for a very enjoyable holiday!

All the best,


September 2009

Never give up

Last year, I was a total wreck. I suffered from psoriatic arthritis and my hands and feet were crippled. It was hard or me to do art work. I am an artist a woodblock carver and printmaker …however I worked anyway and ignored the pain.. even my massage therapist had to do reiki on me for my muscles were too sore to be manipulated. To top this off I developed a lunate bone loss on my left wrist.. So I went to an orthopedic surgeon and had to take x-rays and a digital image scan I forgot the name I-of the scan this proved that I had bone loss. I had to wear a splint on my hand and wrist. and it was extremely painful. I searched and found a wonderful chiropractor who gave me adjustments etc and told me to use hot castor oil packs

Before all this happened I was in great shape and was doing power yoga but had to discontinue all exercises for it was too painful for my wrist It was hard for me to sleep at night due to the pain.. I even went to a talk therapist and that helped a bit..

One day I remembers the Gary Null .com site and got in touch with Luanne. . A friend visited me and told be about her acupuncturist who has an office near the Holland tunnel. I drove there in a brand new car nervous for I was afraid of driving into the Holland Tunnel and losing my way in NYC.. After 5 treatments my wrist recovered and my arthritis and psoriasis was gone. I contacted Luanne and she gave me a protocol and told me to see a Dr. and a healer.

Through the healer I found a fabulous Doctor but when he examined me he discovered that I had high Blood Pressure. He told me to see a Cardiologist I resisted this until my acupuncturist told me not to come back until I visited a Cardiologist. My Dr found one and I made an appointment after the visit I was given 5m pills to lowers the hbp. Now it is normal and my Dr will try to lower the dose. He has given me many vitamins and minerals to take and adjusts these once a week. I write updates to Luanne every week or so and receive wonderful replies that guide me in this process.

I follow these instructions faithfully and went for a treatment with a wonderful healer.. I’m taking a stress reduction class at my local Yoga center take a hatha yoga class and Joined a gym. I have full recovery20and as I am a working artist have won many awards and have also added the Digital print to my woodblock prints I am very grateful to my family and friends, Drs and Healers and Luanne who is guided me through this journey to health. In love and gratitude I say never give up and always be thankful for the gifts that you have received then if possible give back to others so they can receive. And always express gratitude and thanks to the Supreme Being known by many names but loved by all.

I Williams Artist Printmakers


January 2009

Thank you for taking the time with me................I like to think I'm a success story.  Looking back on the ordeal of getting off all those psyche meds............I realize now, had I not been juicing for 7 years prior, my body could N E V E R managed through the devastating withdrawal symptoms.  Your support saved me and helped stablize me at a point that I was ready to throw the towel in.  As the years go by and I feel better and better, it makes me realize what a monumental feat I accomplished getting off those drugs.   

Thank you for helping me take my life back.  


"Dear Luanne,

"I just wanted to give you an update........... I started to sleep. I haven't slept comfortably for so many years I can't even tell you...........between the PTSS and all the psyche meds I was on for 20 years this is incredible. If you recall ever since I went off all the meds (almost 3 years now) I wasn't able to sleep at all, the only thing that saved me was the juicing.

"But even more remarkable than that.............I haven't seen my brother for a few years. I met him and his wife for dinner the other night. His hair was all grey........The restaurant lighting was poor so It looked like he was bleaching his hair---I asked him and he said he had been dieing it for a couple of years because it was grey. I have almost no grey in my hair and I am 3 years older than he is. Imagine that ! But it was clear that they lived very grutonous lifestyles............both he and his wife were 100 pounds over weight each. The wife actually had the nerve to chalk up the difference to the fact that I lived a stress free life...........and you and I both know that isn't the case. What ignorance.

"I met a fabulous guy through Match.com. He is a celebrity trainer and at the top of his game. He is the best thing that has happened to me in many years. Where do I begin to say THANKS for the support that enabled me to take my life back?"

Best regards,
Marlene B


Dear Luanne,

Hope you are well. Thanks for your consultation and for referring me to Dr. Sollazzo. I was so elated when I called both you and Dr. Sollazzo with the GREAT NEWS that my cardiologist gave me (based on my recent echo cardiogram) during my office visit this past Monday. He informed me that the right side of my heart had decreased in size, that there was less fluid around my heart, and based on prior x-rays, that my heart was moving back to the left side of my chest (instead of more to the right due to Sarcoidosis and scarring of my lungs). As you can imagine, although I am paralyzed, my spirit is jumping up and down with gratitude and happiness!

As you may recall in June 2011, I called you from my hospital bed in dire need of your help because, after a heart catherization for my Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, my doctor informed me that the pressures in the arteries of my lungs were so high (causing my heart to overwork) that I could face sudden death. You discussed Potaba as a treatment, and after an appointment with Dr. Sollazzo, he prescribed it. He told me that Potaba would soften the scarring in my lungs and thus my heart would not have to work so hard. Since August 2011, I have been taking Potaba incrementing from 1 tablet per day to 4 tablets 3 times per day. Dr. Sollazzo told me that overtime, I would see improvements in my condition. A year later, my second echo cardiogram since I began taking Potaba, I did!

I know that all therapies are working together for my good, and I had to share the GOOD NEWS with you. I will continue to follow the regimen that you gave me and keep you posted on my continued improvement.

Warm Regards,


Hi Luanne,

I want to let you know how profoundly grateful I am for your insight and inspiration, at the Health Support Group. 

My most heartfelt thanks for all your support, wisdom and positive -  absolutely wonderful, energy.   I find you so engaging - and I've always really appreciated your sense of humor - as an audience member listening to you speak, you just wish the time would not end. Thank you again. 

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be there, with you.

All the best



Nassau Community College:




320 lbs and Shrinking WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Luanne. I am now 320 lbs.. From 360..I can run a mile and a half on the treadmill @ 3.5 -4.3 MPH

We are going out tonight for seafood and a nice date. It's been a while. I can now fit into the suit I got married in almost 4 years ago. 2 months back, I would have needed to butter my hips and a human sized vice to make it all happen, lol. I am so happy and getting healthier with every day of improvement and positive cleanse.

Thank you so much for being there when I needed you. I will be ready for another chat in a few weeks....
God Bless.....................j
Joseph Allen


I have been focusing on my diet/lifestyle changes for the past two years and have successfully reversed migraines and ulcerative colitis. As my 40th birthday approached, I decided to take it one step further and treat myself to a gym membership in August 2008.  My excuse used to be (like many others), that there is NO time.  Walking the stairs or track at my middle school during my prep time and 1/2 hour of resistance training every other day fits easily into my hectic schedule.  Now I feel and look better than I did when I was 20!  I have gained confidence and focus as well.  I feel great and my boys say, "We're so proud of you!" What could be better than that?  I'm a better mom ever since I started taking better care of ME! 

I would love to share my story and inspire other women.

I'm attaching before (18 years ago) and after (last week) photos. 

Kim D
home - Montville, NJ
age 40, 5' 6", 125 pounds
middle school math teacher
single mom


Dear Luanne,

I'm doing well. Lost 10 lbs, so far.. I love the plant based way of eating… Thank you again, for your guidance. It's saving my life, mentally & physically.

Laurie M

"Hi Luanne :)

Just a note to say hello and many thanks for your help with my poor wretched body. It was just the shot in the arm that I was looking for to get over all of the garbage I went through last year.

Yesterday I gave all of my size 3X to the Veterans monthly pickup. I held up one pair of dress slacks and I swear I could wrap the entire waist around me like a skirt. I've lost 3.5 inches off my lower belly (my spare tire), and 2.5 inches off my waist. I've also lost 2 inches off of my bust (boy if I could donate those, it would be wonderful!)... I'm sliding from a size 20 into an 18 on the lower half, and I've gone from a 1X top to an extra large. I'm shopping in my closet for smaller sizes. I've got lots of hawaiian blouses I've not been able to fit into when I bought them at a huge sale when Robinson's May merged with Macy's. I've tried them on and they all fit with plenty of room to spare."

Belle M

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with my best friend, K. I don’t think I’ve ever made a better financial decision than hiring you to counsel her. "

The improvements I’ve seen are nothing short of miraculous.

"In just 3 1/2 months (basically since Valentine’s Day), she’s lost more than 50 pounds. She’s under 200 pounds for the first time in years, and dismissively waved a hand when told by her doctor that she’s out of the danger zone. She’s motivated and it’s her goal to get down to her ideal weight, whatever that turns out to be. Her skin looks amazing – positively radiant (it was gray before). Her hair is growing in dark (which I assume means the gray/white hairs are falling out and the new hairs that are growing in are her normal hair color). Her endless menstrual cycle (a period is not supposed to last more than a YEAR) has stopped, and is back to monthly.

"Even more importantly, her conventional doctor has taken her off of several pharmaceuticals, many of which she’s been taking for years. Her blood pressure is 120/80.

"Her attitude is also positive. She’s actually saying “no” when she doesn’t want to do something and accepting favors and assistance with less resistance. No more martyr behavior.

"Clearly she’s not happy that her marriage has come to an end (his loss), but I see her getting better and better every day in every way. She’s looking forward to doing things and going places I was never able to talk her into before. Her outlook is positive, despite negative vibes that she’s been dealing with in her home.

"Although I’ve offered advice in the past, it’s fallen on deaf ears. Having it come from someone who doesn’t love her is a great plus. Your frank approach is exactly what she needed when she needed it. She’s doing the work, but you’ve given her the tools."

Thank you again!

s.a.Wilsons Gold Roast Coffee